Dream Of Controlling Elements.

I have a dream that me and a close friend could control the elements. Fire, Air, Water, earth,spirit. && in my dream we wanted to kno if it was true. So she started a Volcano and i started a tornado not sure if we could control it. SO we alerted everyone we didnt tell them anything. Just told them to get in the basement so i ran to go save my cat and b4 i stepped downstaires i though if i made it i can stop it. So i stopped and ran to the tornado  and i thanked it and told Air that i love it and thank you but your going to kill people. So it died. Than My friend ran to the volcano and told it to hush to calm to breathe and thanked it told it she loved it. But needed to depart because its dangerous. than the volcano died down and went out to ash. Than the walls in the house had ash on them so i used water to cleanse them. & the walls were clean than i thanked water. Than i woke up. I want to kno the meaning behind my dream of them elements.
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Sorry i haddd a dream