Just Started Having Dreams That Come True. Help

Usually I don't remember my dreams however over these last four nights I have been having really vivid dreams which have come true and its starting to scare me.  In my first dream my dead father in law was in it though in the dream he was still dead, then I dreamt about my cat falling from a window and being hurt after about a day my neighbours found him limping with a swollen paw.  The night after I dreamt about a dead person in my kitchen then that same day I think I had an early miscarriage.  Last night I dreamt about a mans body being found then I woke up read my local and found out that a mans body had in fact been found that morning in the woodlands about 2 mins away from me.

These dreams are starting to freak me out and I don't know what to do esp as they all seem related to dealth or injury.  I worry about going to sleep at night now  

pinkbunny79 pinkbunny79
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

I have thoughts or sometimes dreams of people dying and it happens. That freaks me out too. I wonder what is the point in them if we can't do anything about it?

i found that even if i told that person that something is going to hapen it aint going to stop it i tride. itold my aunt that my uncle her husband was next it didnt stop it.ive never had any body to talk to about a lot of this except my wife. it would be nice to know some else to talk to about these things.

its hard for me to write what im trtying to say im not very good at it so plz dont get mad as im still trying to get better at this.thnx

these dreams you are having are not to uncommon when i was 7 i started having dreams that come true all of them had bad things happen in them but as i matured my dreams that now happen are nothing but good