Really Worried

i have always had short dreams that come true i have had a dream journal for the last year and every single dream i awake from and write down has actually happened in the last year this has been 7. This has ranged from me sitting with a friend and having coffee to being arrested and having the officers name written down  correctly.
i am in the forces and am due to go to afghan for what will be my third tour i have been having a recurring dream of me being in hospital having lost both legs.
i have never had recurring dreams and am really really  scarred about this next tour of duty.
i do not feel like i can talk to my girlfriend or family about this as i dont want to worry them also up till now its all been light hearted stuff and taken and treated as a joke i am so scarred and feel i have know were to turn or seek advice with out being laughed at has anyone been in any kind of similar experience?

rileyp rileyp
Aug 13, 2010