Bad Dreams That Come True

It started with me about 10 years ago and feelings. One night I dreamed about a little boy dieing....I woke up scared, cause I didn't know who or where or how. I told my friend about my dream, she said that when you dream of death, that means someone was getting married, so I relaxed. My mother called me at work and told me that my neice would be coming over the next day, cause her brother heart stopped.  Then I had a dream about a little girl dieing and at the time I was watching my other young neice's, so I was watching them like hawks. Then I heard about a little girl that got hit by a school bus in the country. My birthday is Sept.5th. I went to my dad's house for my birthday and that was in 2001. I told my step-mother I feel death, like I was smothering. I felt bad......I was having a hard time breeathing. Then I woke up Sept 11th, then I knew why. This one dream alot of yall might not know this, if yall don't live in these's states. I dreamed about people dieing at gas stations. I didn't know why I had the urge to write my grandmother a letter and tell her if anything happen, she needs to come to Alabama, so we can protect her. She lives in Virginia. Then the snipers hit and they started killing people at gas stations, they ended up in Virginia. In 2008 I had a dream about my boyfriend's father.....I woke up crying. In my dream which I had in March 2005, I dream that he would die in April. So, the next month I watched him like a hawk. He ended up fine, so I relaxed, cause I knew we had another year with him. Then the next year I was watching him and he was fine and again I relaxed. Then April 2010.....I didn't even think about my dream, I wished that I did remember my dream. My boyfriend's father got sick and he passed away April 28th 2010. I told my friend, if he could have lasted 2 more days, he would have made it another year.  I layed down one day to take a nap and in my dream I was outside in a yard and and I looked up and saw a plane real close to the ground and I said to someone that the plane is to low, it felt like it was going to drop on my head. I woke up and told my bf about my dream, come to find out when I was having this dream, it was actually coming true. There was a guy that was on the news and said the samething that I said in my dream. I dreamed about my bf getting a DUI before he got one, well, when he did get one.....I did the oppsite of what I did in my dream. I also see people coming to me, but not with my eyes, with my head. It's very frustrating. I've also had dreams about me and visions about me, they have not come true yet.
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I am so sorry this happens to you .
im glad im not alone.
i thought i was going crazy because every time i try to talk about it thats the look i get.
i have had these things happen sense i can remem and idk why i have the dreams and vibes i do but after whats happen to me in my life i now think everything happens for a reason.
there has to be a reason why some have these and some dont .

If you had a dream bad, it is better not to mention it to anyone (even to a friend) because by doing this, you might actually allow it to come true. I don't know how this works but it does in some cases. Best thing to do is to forget about the dream because it will not harm you.

iv been having bad dreams recently anour dream was that we was out at some sandhills and that a man (ghost) was following us but me and jess both see ghosts but my other friend tiff couldnt see him or hear the things we could and we was by a shack thats haunted and we saw him there but everytime we looked back he was closer and jess heard something and screamed we both heard my name i turned round and he was right behind us and we screamedand ran and yesturday my dream had came true to me and my 2 friends but jess had the same dream and iv had another dream last night that we was there again but we was running away from him and he grabbed my leg and dragged me away but we are planning on going there again on saturday should we be worried incase it does happen?

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I have dreams that come true. I am 44 and I have been dreaming about the end of the world in detail since I was 5. I am a very sane woman and my worst has been the last week. What is going on? Michelle

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I have been experiencing the same things. I had a dream I was on the way to my best friends funeral, a month later he passed away. I have visions all of the time some come true some dont, but im constantly living in worry... that my visions will come true. have you talked to anyone about this?

I tell a few friends what I go through, they can't really help me, just be there and for a shoulder to cry on. I've been seeing things about myself lately.