Premonitions And Dreams

Mine have stages... I hope... I had my whole childhood with a deep rooted fear before I walked into my house every day (ever since I was five) that one of my parents would be dead... I felt so strongly in this I became afraid of going home... My fears were recognize at age 8 when my mom said she had to go to the hospital for a headache... I never saw her again and wasn't even able to go to the funeral... The big predictions like this come not only in my dreams but in every waking moment while the smaller predictions come in dreams but with astounding accuracy... Sometimes not even through my eyes but others... Even people I had never seen until one day I pass them on the street and remeber that scene... Their thoughts of me... Of my friends... What they say... Who they are with... I'm afraid that I'll predict another death and I wouldn't be able to go through that fear again... Please help
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Yep, what jarrett23 said. I dreamed about my father's death when I was about that age, and I had no one to talk to about it or to help me through it. It scared me so bad that I could not dream anymore for a long time. Everytime I would start to dream, I would wake up. For about 22 years I did this until age began catching up with me and I just couldn't function anymore. I underwent several "sleep studies" because I could not even get my doctor to believe I could not sleep. After the studies proved what I told him, he still just shrugged it off. In waking premonitions, I have met people and know they are going to die, and how, but not when. I have seen ghosts, and have been given messages to deliver from beyond. There is no sense in fighting or denying what you know to be true, just understanding it. I wish when I was younger I would have developed my talent instead of trying to block it. Now I have faulty reception and just end up feeling crazy most of the time because I can't sort out what is real or what is imagined. Good luck.

Do all of your dreams come true? If so you have to learn how to deal with your dreams. You have to learn how to distance yourself and know that no matter what the outcome of the premonition know that its not your fault that the premonition is happening. You are not the causing for the event to happen. Your mothers death was not your fault. You are just more proceptive to things that will happen. Most of the time you will have premonitions of people you know or places you have been or will be. By having premonitions and seeing what will happen before it does. You can <br />
sometimes change the outcome of what will happen. I am not saying its easy cuz it not. Sometimes you can and sometimes you can't. It depends on how the person will die. If the person has a medical conditions <br />
it makes it that much harder to change the outcome cuz we dont know how to cure every illness. You would have to know what it is early on, if they are already sick, if not when will they be and the person would have to take you seriously about what you tell them will happen. Accidents are slightly easier to change. With an accident you have to know what happen. By that I mean what they did or didnt do that caused the death. Or what someone eles did or didnt do. Tell the person in exact detail what happened and what you think they should have done. Even if they dont take you serious at first the will always remember the conversation because of how strange it was. By giving them the information you have done all you can. When the event takes place exactly howyou told them it would they can take your advice or not. The choice is really theres to make.