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I've been having dreams where a certain image will pop up, like i had a dream based in a cinema about a month ago and whilst browsing Facebook i found a picture of the exact same cinema, now i know i have NEVER seen this place before considering the picture was posted only a few days before today, another dream i had consisted only of someones hand reaching onto a purse and handing the money over to me, this happened to me as well, the same purse, same amount of money (i know this as i keep a dream diary) the only dream that I've had that was a whole day play out was a dream i had about paint balling with my friends and yes you guessed it, this happened to me as well... I know i'm not just mad as I've written down these things months before they happen, and to be honest i'm kind of scared....
Imkindofscared Imkindofscared
2 Responses Jul 23, 2011

I have these dreams, and I've started to write them down too, they same to happen more the more I think about it, I am curious can you wake yourself up from the dream?

Sometimes I can. If there are to intense its like something is holding me there. These are the ones that come true in my case. Keep a journal write every detail even if its just a title or word or just a date you remember. It will help you start to recall the dream and remember years down the road. if its a nightmare that may come true you could very well change the out come of the event if you know whats going to happen ehere and when.

Its normal to have these types of dreams that come true. You shouldnt be scared of them but if in a dream someone you know could get hurt take it seriously. It is hard to tell which dreams will come true and which will not at your age because of that you have a responsibillity to tell that person. Over time you will get better at trusting your insticts about which ones are real and wich are not. Some say that as you get older the less you will have dreams that come true. They say the dreams that come true tend to slow down after you get in your mid twentys but thats not the case with me. So will some dont. The people that dont tend to have more extrem vivid dreams. Learn to except what you can do it has helped me many times in the past.