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Hi, everyone. Don't write me off as a crazy freak, please. I have an over-active imagination and all, but this really sort of scares me. Alright, so ever since I was young, my dreams have been coming true. I don't always remember my dreams, but when I do, they come true. When it happens, it isn't similar to my dream, it's exactly like my dream. It's happened since I was probably five and a half, maybe six. I thought it was funny when I was little, I always thought I was a psychic or something (over-active imagination :P). I'd dream about Christmas or Valentines Day, school, anything.
A few examples:
I dreamt a boy that I had a crush on in third grade (whom I'd never spoken to) would ask me to be his valentine, and he did when Valentines Day came along.
I also dreamt that same boy would kiss my cheek on the playground, as we walked to the swings together. A few days later, it happened.

I always thought it was coincidental. Well, when I was eight, I had this horrible dream. My great grandmother (who at the time was in perfect health, other than a nagging chest cold) was lying in a casket, at a wake, and a single card lay next to her, from me. It had a large heart on the front, and a single tear stain. I shrugged it off, thinking "This can't happen!" Well, a few months later, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was then that I remembered my dream, and I was in denial. I always thought, "She couldn't die! It won't happen!!", although it was inevitable. I was at her house one day, and I found myself crying, and decided to make her a card. I remembered the dream again as I was finishing the card. I looked down, and sure enough, one tear, just one, fell right in the center of the heart. I ran screaming and almost burnt the card, to get away from it, to prove to myself it wasn't happening. Unfortunately for my family and I, however, it did. She died, and I was forced to go to her wake. When I looked in the casket, I saw her pink lips stretched into a small smile, my card resting next to her head. I was terrified of dreaming for the longest time, and started exhausting myself so I was so tired that I fell into deep, dreamless sleep. Well, my dreams have been starting up again, always coming true. It scares me, so I'd love to know what you guys think, and if it means anything, thank you.
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Ive had this happen multiple times and like above i only remember it as its happening or right of my craziest experiences was in my dream i was sitting at this table playing uno, the uno cards were new to us, like i was used to playing something else. Well im sitt I ng there and my names called and its a big thing, im smiling and when i walked out the doors i woke up. Well i cant tell u when exactly i jad that dream but it was a good 3-4 years beforw it actually happened. I had never been to jail before so on my dream i didnt undersyand what i was looking at, well i got locked up for some time(only jail) and played spades and penochle most of the time.Well one morning one of the officers bring uno cards up and we start playing. Well my case was going back and forth so im waiting for it to be dropped anytime now. Well im playing uno at the same table when i get called up and was going home. As soon as i walked out those doors i stopped and it hit me, i remember seeing all of it happen in the dream like it was a tv going off in my head....
This has happened many many times with good and bad, and everytime i think about it i get the goosebumps and shivers. Its really wierd how it happens. I wish i knew what it meant.

Well i had a weird dream last night... i remember key details. But when i woke up this morning i remembered forgetting to charge my laptop, sure enough i had. i also remembered my laptop going flat during my music test and the guy i like offering me his charger, and sure enough this happened... all day i have been having these weird moments. but the one thing i do remember that hasn't happened, was that he asked me out. i made a personal goal to be dating him by the end of the year. he didn't ask me out today... do these dreams have to be based on one day? or could this just be my subconscious telling me that i failed... i have liked this guy for about 2 years now and he knows but when my friend asked him if he like me he said we were just good friends... but then she asked if he would date me and he just walked away...what does that even mean??? So is this a future dream or just my subconscious letting me know i failed? please help!!

It happend to me I dreamt I was getting chased by police I was driving the car as the police chase me in my dream going round they lost today as I was going to the shop to get a smoke coming back something said look to ur right when I looked it was a black car so as I moved back these to guys jumed out the car to rob me so I just ran he tryed to trip me I never fell as I got home I jumped the wall as I looked it went I remember my dream its so not cool

I have been having premonition dreams for many years now. When I have these "dreams", I see specific details that I don't in normal dreams. I am learning to listen to my subconscious and accept that my premonition dreams are telling me of something that will happen in the near future. Sometimes, my dreams are sad but usually I am seeing family members or close friends in my dreams. Yesterday, I believe that I saw my own funeral. I've been sick for a long time but my doctor doesn't take my concerns seriously. I had breast cancer seven years ago. It is scary sometimes to have such dreams but I believe it is a gift.

Don't be frightened. Let it come to you. Try to understand that you can use this to an advantage. Allow yourself to lucid dream once you are not scared 'take a look around'. I have had a very overactive imagination since I can remember the most scariest dream I had was when I was 10 falling to sleep and almost as if my whole life flashed before me and I remembered how it felt coming to this destination/ Body and fully appreciated what I was before here. Your not crazy, you are awake more than most people would like to admit. Take the good with the bad, since it hasn't happened yet!

This happened to me. I would get these dreams when I was 5 to ages 10. And I'm 12 now. And I would always dream of the future. Like one night I currently lived in Nevada at that time and I dreamt that a boy in my 6th grade class would jump up in first period with his awnser and he would get it wrong. When I moved to California it happened. My eyes buldged out of my head. And when I was 4 I dreamt that I would come out to my parents about me being bisexual and soon enough I did. I am terrified from these still.

This happens to me so many times. However it's not always an actual dream, like a night dream. For me its a dream or a day dream and even just a thought and it always happens sometimes within the same hour I day dreamed or thought it would happen

This happens to me I'm only 15 but for the past 3 months I get them non stop and they come true every day I see things that happen and what happened with me was I wrote down all my dreams and I looked closely to see if there was a hint telling me when and where it was going to happen and it's weird cause I saw a teacher that I never met or heard of before rape my friend in a dark room in some hotel at a certain time and day and on that day I told her not to go out on that day and she said I was just over imaginative and that night her mom called me and asked if she was here cause she never came home and I was awake and saw that she'd be here in five minutes crying and scared. And surely enough in five minutes the door bell rang. And when I opened it it was her she was crying and terrified and she told me she was raped. And ever since things like this come to me even when I'm awake but I saw me write this a year ago. So am I psychic or just weird?

The same exact thing happens to me I swear I dont dream but probably j6st dont remember them. Howiere the ones I do have or remember always come true and sometimes I get feelings of people passing on a kid in my highschool had been dying for awhile one sunday I was sitting around the table with my family and I was like oh my he just died and truth was go to school monday and he did infsct die that day I dont begin to understand it but it worries me the things I see I try to prevent them but it sometimes makes it happen and I had weird recurring nightmares as a kid that were beyond scary its just nice to know im not alone in this

I too have similar dreams that tend to come true in some fashion. For example i had a dream of being in the middle of a tornado and somehow my grandmother guided me to a tunnel. The tunnel ended up filling up with water and i was trying to swim and find a way out my kids were right next to me drowning.three days later in okc on may 31, 2013 a masesive tornado hit and a family incl an infant were found deseased in a drain tunnel in the oklahoma river, talk about freaked out i couldnt sleep for days

Okay I was having dreams that come true quite often now that I think sometime I'll have De ja vu so bad I'll sound crazy sp most of the time i write it off... I was being a little suspect and had a dream that my house was gonna get raided and I would be on the run and about a week later it happened I wrote it off as I shouldnt of been hanging out where I was ...second.I had a big welding test and I had a dream that I did the test no problems past but my booth was set up different in my dream so I moved it around on test day and passed I liked that one but the other day I had a horrible dream that I was in the vets office and we were putting my dog down and today he mugged out on the stairs ans he dislocated his hip and I had to put him down ..... I have had many more It always seemed weird but with my dog today I felt ****** up about it all day

i honestly completely understand you. i dont think your crazy but i think i have the same thing except it wasnt exactly the same i got attacked by a cat in sixth graded coming home from school i had a dream about me wishing it would die and then i felt guilty and wished it would only get hit by a car and still live, the next day i saw the cat and its head kept twitching to the side, my neighbor said the cat got hit by a car, i instantly felt bad and took care of the cat but my mom wouldnt let it inside, in seventh grade i was dating someone and i had a dream i was at my friends house and he broke up with me over the phone while i was sitting on the couch and then the next day i told my friend and i was at her house walking around in the living room not sitting on the couch, and he called me and broke up with me. i kept having many dreams like it and recently having a dream about some guy whos been dead since 1863 in the war and he keeps saying hes trying to save me from something i toold one other person about this and she said i was nutts. so now i am posting this here to show you that i know how you feel, im 15 and right now im afraid and i dont know what to do, two nights ago i had a dream of my dog teddy biting my arm and leaving scratches in a two marks on my left arm (hes only a puppy) and the next day he scratched the same arm leaving the same mark and everything, i was even in the same room as in my dream.

HMMM I also have dreams like these most people do believe it or not but some people say you tap in to the rest of your brain power when you are sleeping because you are not conscious and some people say you can tap in to a power or something what we would just call a power and it have he ability to change reality and have a strong urge for something

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I too have dreams like this but it is only for a couple of seconds

I really believe you girl just like me my dreams come true...

I have the same thing with my dreams I just searched it to find out what it means and I'm 16 I have them sometimes it's weird but mine take a wile for the same thing happen I'n real life and I get these bad feeling that something bad and really bad is gonna happen I get them alot more my girl freind seen it her self I saved a bunch of people by like 2 mins by getting busted by the police cause we were partying I'n the woods like 12 of us and when we left right befor our eyes the police was chasing to people street racing and they crash right I'n the woods were we were and the police was every were and I dreamed about my grandad dyeing too and a field trip from school to the moveie theatre and I haf a bad feeling when I was In the woods so I ran home and the dog got bit and he almost died And I had a bad feeling so I left the house at like2am and when I left this food was following me and trying to catch up with me and I had this steak knife and I yelled at him and ran and he was like 100 yards away and I ran by the store a waited then I ran home and I thought he was go then I l Looked behind me and there he was again so I yelled and ran it scared the **** outa me what is all this its happend since I was little is like I'm a mind reader or something it's Sortta cool sometimes but the it's like a life or death situatiin

A few days to a week later. A bus with children in it fell into a lake and drowned. .. is it a curse or a gift?

I have been battling my ability to dream of disasters before it happens. I dreamed of 9/11 happening a week before it happened. I couldn't understand it but something in my dream...something not of this world told me that the sky is falling and I heard women and man and children screaming and fire trucks sirens going off and that same thing dropped a letter and when I opened it there was a skull and a cross inside and at the bottom it said "there's crime". I was scared out of my mind. I was in Florida for the summer. 3 days before it happened I flew back home and as I flew over NYC I admired the lights and saying how beautiful nyc was. When I woke up and saw the news. The screams were exactly the screams that I heard in my dream. I threw up. I couldn't help them and I was so frustrated for a while. I can't tell this story without crying for I have a lump in my throat as I write this. A week before, I was pregnant with my second child. My oldest daughter was sleeping with me that night. In my dream I was in a parking lot and I see a bunch of people running towards a store. Im walking towards the store and as I come to the curb I see a man with a rifle laying there dead. I can feel my heartbeating so fast as I walked into the store.....there was all these children laying in a pool of blood and all dead and in there was my oldest daughter. I felt the pain that those that found the kids in CT. I woke up and grabbed my daughter so tight and I cried screaming begging God not to take my children. All day I was down and so worried that something was going to happen to my child. That following night I dreamed that a bus full of children fell into a river and drowned. I knew when I woke up that something big was on its way. My biggest worry was my kid. So I called my grandmother and told her everything that happened and asked her to pray for me and mines. She told me that nothing was going to happen to her and we prayed over the phone and I felt a little comfort. I was at work when my coworker ran to me and showed me her phone and saw my worst nightmare has come true. I felt weak and sick to my stomach again. I knew my nephew lives in CT and I called my brother right away and he assure me he was fine. I had to leave work because I was so messed up behind this. I cried madly asking God why me why couldn't I stop it. I've n been dealing with this for a long time. I wish I could uncode these dreams and prevent it from happening but unfortunately life has to take its course and I have to live with it.

I have an ability to dream of

I, too have this ability. I know that I've been in communication with the holy ghost. My family has witnessed these things happen. It kind of freaks them out. I'm used to it. This happens to me when I'm asleep and when I'm awake. I can read impulses and often a question pops into my head and then I get an answer from unexpected places. I'd really like to talk to you and any others that share this ability.

I have been going through that since i can remember my first dream i had that came true, i was layin in my bunkbed nd my stepsister ran in the room askin me wat i want to eat, i was only 3 or 4, then outa nowhere she was like forget it we are eating pancakes nd she ran out, the minute i woke up it happened, i never forgot that day nd since then it would happen. Every girl i have ever been in a relationship with i had a dream about before i even met them. Life is crazy. The way i look at it is, your whole life is mapped in your dna from start to finish, some people can tap into it some cant its nothing to be afraid of its a gift from god, not a curse. Nothing i am saying is a lie. The most crazy one is when i had a dream my mom had her own apartment nd her red couches nd every detail in that apartment was shown to me in a dream months before she moved in. The day i had the dream i told my mom, she called me crazy, till she moved out of our house nd divorced my stepfather nd we was sittin on those couches. With me. Till this day she cant explain how u knew about that house nd till this day i know god gave me the power to do it. Believe it or not, i have no reason to lie

I had tears running down my cheeks knowing that there's people out there who has the same experience as I do..
My story is that I had this vision where I was sleeping, and I usually sleep on the left side of my bed but facing right, I was sleeping like a baby with my blankets tucked in, and my arms crossed against my chest, I could hear a person walking around my bed to get to the right side of my bed, I noticed in the dream that the person wasn't there but the footsteps were growing louder and louder in my dream, all of a sudden I felt this pressure being pushed against my crossed arms against my chest like someone was trying to tightly grab me from the back, I tried screaming but I couldn't, I woke myself in fear and from screaming. A few days later, I heard something about a person got tugged from the back tightly and they broke their ribs and left dead..
My other dream is that I dream of a guy that I have never seen of, driving up a hill to get to his destination, and when he's done with his destination, he went to drive back down the hill, mind you the hills have cliffs and at the end the cliff was a river or lake, and the guy almost fell down the river, but luckly he saved himself from falling.. A few days later from this vision, my daughter's father had this incident.. I was almost in tears when I heard this..

I had the same first dream you spoke about. That's weird.

Mine are really weird and kind of scary. I have no control over it and my dreams normally have nothing to do with me.
I had this dream that I was at this pool I'd never seen before, I was with this family I'd never seen before but they acted like they knew me and were calling my a different name. I ended up drowning. I wrote the dream off as a nightmare, but about a week later, I read in the news paper about a little girl drowning at a pool. The article had a picture of the pool and the family, it was the exact same as my dream.
I also had this dream that I was running from these men and when I got caught they dragged me into this house and killed me. I will never forget those men's faces. About a month later I heard a story about a little girl getting kidnapped and killed in the exact house from my dream. The men who did it were never found.
I'm really scared because everything realistic in my dreams are coming true and it's normally bad. I'm always blaming myself for it and I don't know what to do.

i also have the same expirence. while growing up i would dream of stuff. that to this day is coming true. i would tell someone and they thought i was crazy. it came to the point were . i cant sense the differnce between a dream and the real world. i came to realize that i can sense peoples emotions and they become really open to me. i can sense when someone is lieing or when they are in trouble. just weird. i was starting to think i was becoming crazy.

I figured you can stop the prophecies, because I did, but at first they were interesting. I compared myself to the mad prophet Dorian, and I enjoyed knowing that I could see the future. My dreams would come multiple times per week, and every single one would happen exactly - some though I only remembered vaguely. The majority of them were about school because while I was in middle school that consumed the majority of my life. It was only until later in my life that I would meet people I had yet to see that I realized that I actually had the ability to see the future and it was not simple coincidence. I knew that I had to stop dreaming of the future because no matter what I tried, it would happen exactly as I dreamed; it was the exact same every single time even when I tried avoiding it. It was then that I realized that once I knew the future it was set in stone, out of what best describes fear, I chose to stop before I had an experience like yours - it was because I was having nightmares that would wake me up drenched in sweat. How I stopped the dreams was become a practitioner of lucid dreaming. It works and if you would like to stop prophesying I would recommend that you try lucid dreaming. I would like to talk if you would like to as well, since school isn't in session I have the time to respond.

Right me and my ex split up about 3 months ago and about a month and half after we split I had a dream that I was in a shop and my ex was leaning against the counter swaying from side to side I was with my mum I say to her hide me and as I do he spots me he's hair was to he's shoulders he had stubble and dressed in rags he started pointing at me saying you repeatedly u say to him what's your problem are u stoned again he says no I'm drunk all I do is drink , I turn to my mother and say ill wait outside for u , I go outside and hide behind a van and sit on the floor he follows me and says the same again , you! You! You! I say again what's your problem he says you your my problem all I do is think about you and I say well that's ur fault not mine with that I get in the pick up and end up at the bottom if my road and he is there following me and I wake up , the funny thing is I have been told bye several people that he's hair has grown to he's shoulders he has been walking around in scruffy clothes I never took no notice at first , it was only when I spoke to him for the first time in 3 months that I also found out that he has been drinking a lot , the funny thing is I have a feeling it means something I don't no what I feel like I'm meant to do something can anyone tell me what this means cos its scared me xx

no troll but only recently i have been having those type of dreams, and i found it funny at first but now it's gettin scary. atleast i am not the only one

oh yeah mine started arouned 3 or 4 years old and is still going on. No trolls. #yolo swag. jk

I have had alot of those types of dreams and i fined it scary at times but i just reconize signs about it the actons that come befor it and it is wierd its like i can cheat death. Like my dog he was a year old and i had a dream that he was going to get hit by a car so i stayed with him didnt let him out of my sight when the car that hit him in my dream gone by i felt better about it. But later on he got parvo i think thats how you spell it and he ended up dieing later on week. So you cant cheat death no mader what. No trolls. #yolo swag.jk