Weird Stuff I Dream Lol

well the first dream i had happend 3 years ago and we where in this gold winstar van and we got hit on the side in my dream well i woke up soon after and like a week later it happen the van got hit i freaked out lol.Now the second dream i had was before i had my daughter and i knew about what sex or the fact i was even pregnate well anyway i had this dream of a baby girl with big blue eyes and dark hair in a field with white flowers i never understood the white flowers and the filed lol but the rest is true lol  
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Not too long ago I had a very odd dream. There were two cats, and I went to go brush them. I've never seen the cats before. One of them had two diamond shapes on it's face by it's eye. I thought that was a clear sign so I googled the meaning of it.<br />
In Norse Legend, the cat is the carrier of the chariot of the fertility goddess. The cat is also thought of as a blessing upon newborns.<br />
A diamond shape is known as Ingwuz Rune, geometric shape of creation. European tribes deemed the symbol to represent the literal image of the birth canal.<br />
As far as I know, I'm not pregnant. Yet.<br />
But I think it's safe to say this dream was definitely telling me something.

i dont know if im doing this right. last year i had a dream that i was being pulled off my bed. when i woke up my right arm was hangging off the bed and i wass falling.