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It started at a very early age. My earliest memory of a prophetic dream was at the age of about 7. It was very silly and insignificant. In my dream, I woke up and walked into the kitchen to find my mom pulling toast out of the oven. She smiled at me and asked if I wanted some breakfast. Then my oldest brother came in and happily yelled, "I want 2 fried eggs!" Then I woke up and walked into the kitchen to experience the breakfast conversation exactly how I had dreamt it.

As I got older, the dreams became more signidicant than simple everyday converaation and happenings. I believe that I was being prepaired for the "real deal" earlier on. I started dreaming about all sorts of things including deaths in the family, accidents, and dangers that I should avoid. They weren't all doom and gloom though. I also had dreams of people I had not met, and once I met them they became important people in my life. Even later, I began dreaming in symbols. Things that weren't always clear to me, but always made sense later. I started researching dream interpretation to better understand my dreams. I eventually realized that there is no real set meaning for dreaming of something specific. I decided t pay less attention to what it was and more attention to how itmade me feel. I have been more successful at determining their meaning and predicting what will happen that way.

I do still dream actual events along with symbolic messages. It has hecime easier for me over the years to destinguish between nomsensical dreams and prophetic ones. People usually look at me strange when I tell them what's about to happen. Then I get that "I'm afraid of you now" look when something comes to pass. Prophetic dreaming is not the extent of my "psychic ability". I do have occassional visions, and am also Empathic. Those close to me are pretty use to it, and have learned to listen to me in most cases. Yet another reason why I love my family!
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Very interesting.

I seem to have several types of dreams....the ones you would call normal....the ones like real life....looking out of your eyes at something that hasn't happend yet in real life.I just think to my self how can that happen.and dreams of leaveing my body.and visions......I remember as a kid about 7 having dreams of running . Falling...I turned back against it.....that's when the changes start happening.....I wonder if that's how our subconsience mind is programed...and this all happend before............

I hear ya sister . . . 8D . . . thank you very much for sharing this . . .

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The intuitive understanding of patterns can be rather disturbing, to those who do not see. The fabric of nature and the timing of probability are explicitly clear, yet hidden in the attributes of meaning and discernment. Your dreams convey the language of your soul and the sensitivity of comprehension. Even to those who know, a mystery of why remains. In so much as we speak with interpretation, in a language that is foreign to those around us, we can only define our insights as a gift of resolve and the wisdom that eludes mankind. Knowing all to well, our own limitations and the wonder of a forgone conclusion.

I have the same type of dreams. however, it's only one of many flavors of paranormal weirdness i deal with. Do you have other powers?

Yes I do. As explained above I am Empathic, and also have Visions while awake occassionally. These are some of the things that has led me to the practice of witchcraft, and have been doing so for 15 years. I have seen spirits all of my life and believe they are drawn to me because of my gifts. I successfully communicate with the spirit world on a regular basis. Among other things, I also read tarot, use a scrying mirror, and sometimes use a pendulum to divine the future. Thanx for your comment! :-)

you seem to have many of the gifts that i do. do you also see the dead?