Dreams That Come True !!!

I had a dream that I lost my little girl it was so real it woke me up . To my relief it was a dream but in my dream I done the whole funeral thing from beginning to end not a nice dream at all !! But what happend next you won't believe I actually lived this night mare I couldn't believe what was happening I thought back to my dream of that night and I remember the end as I buried my little girl I had a break down at the grave side an I lost it and ran away and left my other two kids never to see them again this was the dream so when it did actually happen I changed my dream I didn't do what the dream made me think I cremated my daughter as I thought if this had come true what if the rest of the dream did ? I was scared I didn't want to have a break down or leave my kids so I believe I changed that part for the better of a bad nightmare ... After this night mare I had another dream one of my twin brothers was going to die but I didn't see there face or how it was going to happe. I just new it was goin to happen and 3 years later it did one of the twins died I could. It believe it yet again but I didn't get much of a dream on him bless his soul jut a new it was going to happen , and to top this story off I was at home one day an making dinner for my kids when I heard loads of ambulances and police running around where I lived , my daughter came in an said there had been a bad car crash and the first thing I said to her was ( it wasn't your uncle Normans car was it ) she said no I was relieved don't no y I had this feeling but a hour a later I got a devastating call saying my brother had died in that car crash for the life of me why was I having these dreams or thoughts and they where comin true ? Now I'm scared to think of things when I feel the depth of what I feel incase more horrible things happen had any one been trough the same thing cause it scares me ?
Delightfu11deb Delightfu11deb
36-40, F
Apr 1, 2012