Real Cheque

I only laugh at myself when my dreams come true. It didn't happen once, twice or thrice. I can't even count them on my fingers. BUt anyway, to cut the story short; months ago I dreamed of my friend depositing a check to my account. I didn't mind that dream because that certain friend of mine lives in another region. Plus, we rarely talk after college. Though we're friends, we are so busy to hang out. Back my story, last week he asked a favor. He asked me if I could book him 2 tickets. A week after, he texted me to check my bank account for the payment. I checked it online and I can't find the transaction. With that, I called him back. I'm surprised to find out that he deposited a check and not cash. As I recall my dream, I found out that I was sitting on the same chair with a laptop in front me. It was the exact scene! Yeah..I know it's a petty dream but hey.. it's another dream come true!
Aira02 Aira02
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 18, 2012