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Ok, so my dreams scare me often, mostly when they are bad. What I dream and what happens isnt always the same but are telling.  Its happened for a long time I guess. When i was a teenager my dreams would show people and events and the next day it would happen, not just the same as my dream but the key factors. I could even hear a phone ring before it rang when i was awake. That really dont happen anymore but my deams still do.
Just this morning i was a sleep and my little girl woke up in the next room, I didnt know she had. I dreamed i was making her some milk and thinking i need to make it. then my daughter wakes me up and asked for milk. I also dreamed last night that i found these little winged bugs in my kids hair. Id never seen bugs like these before and they were just busting out of her hair.  Later today my husband asked me if i seen the termites he killed on the bathroom window seal. i said no and went to look and they were the same bugs i seen  in my dream.
I dont think i got super powers or anything but its just creepy the way things are just to close to my dreams!ahoo.comwake
wideawake17 wideawake17
May 2, 2012