Not Sure Why?

So I'm seventeen now and I've been getting these dreams, they probably started when I was 12, but I dream and they come true. Of course I have normal dreams the ones that don't come true but I'd have to say that at the worst about 60-70% of my dreams came true, perhaps not straight away but eventually they would. I do have a very good memory I have a dream I remember very clearly from when I was eleven that thankfully didn't come true, so all my dreams that come true in life give me a sense of dejavu.
The dreams are mainly just scenes from a particular day and the words that get spoken in the present I've dreamed about already.
I know this probably seems stupid but I dont believe in that phsycic stuff buy im beginning to think i should. I have no idea why these happen to me and I'm getting scared to go to sleep some nights since my dreams are getting darker and they only affect my life (the dreams coming true). I'm half tempted to tell my best friend, he's helped me through a lot, but would this be a mistake? I'm not sure what to do?
Sleepless12 Sleepless12
18-21, F
May 19, 2012