My Nightmare Became Reality

My cat just turned out 1, I almost had him for 1 year, he was laying next to my bed and slowly I felt asleep. Nightmare!! I dreamed my cat died, he was totally stif and looked at me like a dead one. I told everybody to call an ambulance but then he died. I cried and then I woke up. It was just a dream, I whispered myself. I hugged my cat and am thankful he is still alive. We walked downstairs and he went outside. Dobby is the name of my cat, dobby means the world to me, we have such a strong connection, I just cant describe. When I had school, I always went to Dobby, (my fathers house, i live with my mom). So dobby walked outside that morning, it was fathersday. I looked at him before he walked away the garden. 3 hours went by and I havent seen dobby since the moment he left. The doorbell rings. The man who lives by the corner asked: do you have a white cat? I said; yes! I felt something was wrong. Well, he is laying down the street and he is dead. my heart just broke, i cried and cried and just ran to The street. Not my cat, not my just 1 jr old baby! I saw him laying down and he was stif. His eyes looked at me just like in my dream. I closed his eyes and this happened yesterday. Still destroyed miss my snowhite angel. And I always will.
Snufje1997 Snufje1997
1 Response Jun 18, 2012

I am so sorry to hear about your cat. Don't be sad over his death. Instead, be grateful you gave him a great life and had such a close bond with him. That's the greatest life a cat could ask for.