My Dream That Came True The Next Day.

I went to a cook out w/ my husband Saturday nite.  That nite when we got home
and went to sleep I dreamt a tick was burrowing in my leg behind my knee.  Today is
Monday and I was getting out of my pool and my husband looked at the spot on my leg
that I told him I dreamt about......and lo and behold there was a yucky tick in the very spot
I dreamt about.  Soooo needless to say I pulled the critter out of my skin. I've had other dreams
come true as well, but it's rare I have one that comes to pass quite so sudden. I'm thankful for my
dreams I believe they are a gift from God.   Thanks for listening .   Tammy Renee  6/18/12
live4thelight live4thelight
Jun 18, 2012