I Dream Events Before They Happen.

I have really vivid dreams every night. I remember all of my dreams the next day and can tell you exactly what happened. Some of my dreams I even have control of them, I can pause them, rewind and redo something that I didn't like.

The dreams that really freak me out though, are the ones that come true. These dreams I have no control over. Most of them have to do with someone dying. But I can not piece them together fast enough to prevent this from happening. It is not until the tragedy happens that I realize I dreamt it.
They do not happen frequently, but when I have one I usually wake up the next day with a really bad feeling that something is going to happen but I can never figure it out.

I don't believe in psychics or people being able to see the future, I don't believe in ghosts or spirits or being able to talk to the dead.
I can not figure out these dreams, they really freak me out, and I hate feeling like I knew that something was going to happen before it did.

The first time it happened was with my best friend. I was 14 years old and me and this girl susan were attached at the hip. She was the best friend anyone could ask for, I told her everything, she told me everything.
One night I went to bed and had this dream that I walked into a house and I was being held back by something, I just kept pushing forward. It took me forever to walk around the corner. I kept seeing a shadow of something swinging back and forth in the next room and every slow step that I took it became more clear that it was not something but someone. That was the end of my dream. I woke up feeling sad and had a bad feeling deep in my stomach.
I walked half way to Susan's house and stood and waited for her. (we used to meet up half way between our homes and walk to school) I stood there for 20 minutes, started walking to school by myself, then some reason I turned back around and walked all the way to Susan's. I knocked on the door and no one answered but I opened it and walked in. I realized that I was in deja-vu and I had been here in my dream. I ran around the corner crying and screaming and here was my best friend hanging from a rope dead. It took me years to get over it, I still get choked up thinking that if I had just called her after that dream maybe she would of been ok. But I know that there was no way of me knowing who my dream was about or if it would come true.

A few years later it happened again. I dreamed that I was in the middle of the road and could see lights coming towards me and then I woke up from falling out of bed and hearing a big crash. This time my friends mother had passed away from colliding with a car while on her ATV.

Another dream was about a girl I didn't even know, she was on my soccer team and we had never spoken other then to say hi. But I had a dream about her being trapped somewhere and couldn't breathe. The next day at school we had found out that she had slit her wrists in the bathtub and they found her under the water dead.
I even had a dream about my cat running until she couldn't anymore and then slowly laid down and stopped breathing. My cat took a stroke in my arms the next day and died.

The only thing that is ever similar about all of these dreams is that I always feel as if I am the person who I am dreaming about.
I wish I never had these dreams because I don't want to believe that I can dream things before they happen.
The worst part though, is not being able to tell which dreams will come true and which will not. So I spend most of my mornings worrying about my dream coming true. Especially if it was about someone suffering or dying.
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I used to do this all the time, especially when I was younger. Ever since a terrible tragedy in my life, the frequency has dropped dramatically. Now I dream as if everything was the same, except the event never happened and I have a hard time telling the dream from reality.
But back to dreaming things before they happen; for me, a series of events would trigger the memory of the dream then for the next 5-10 minutes I can tell you everything that i going to happen with scrupulous detail.
I am not sure if age plays a factor in this, but I am 22 now and it almost never happen anymore.

I don't knowvig it's a gift or curse. Some dreams work differently. My brother was planning his wedding with his new bride. One night I woke up,broke out in a sweat, I dreamed I walked up to a coffin in a funeral home. When I got to it my brother raised the lid, from the inside, looked at me and said, "Here's Johnny!" it totally freaked me out. I called my grandmother crying and she said often times people dream about someone dying when there is going to be a birth in the family. I was trying to get pregnant, and thought it was a sign. It wasn't me. 3 weeks later, at the end of the ceremony, I said to my brother, "congratulations on becoming a father. They both looked so shocked. He asked, "How did you know?" She was also upset about how I knew. My brother told me they had just found out she was three weeks pregnant and hadn't told a soul. I said, I know the signs. He just said, no...no way.

I've had dreams that I've warned other family about, that have saved their lives.

It's not just family. I had a dream that I was in a building that was falling apart. I was running down a stair case and stopped to help a small Jewish man in a wheel chair. When I sawyvarm, I was astonished. It was a man's arm, with a white shirt and cuff links. I started yelling for people to help me move him. He and another large man urgedcme to go ahead, that they were waiting on rescuers to come and help. I ran down the stairs and at the bottom I ended up in a big entry way of a ground floor building. The room was massive. Myself and many others ran to a doorway in the back. As we raced out, firemen raced in, shuffling is through the outside door to safety. I was unfamiliar with my surroundings, buildings everywhere. I heard a phone ringing, and sat bolt upright. I was in my bed. When I answered the phone, my sister-in-law told me to wake up and turn on the telivision. I walked into the living room and turned to the channel she said, just in time to see the second building of the world trade bldgs. hit by a plane. I have only told a few people about it, afraid they would say I was crazy or just lying.

I've had dreams like this since I was young. Grammy daisy great-great grandmother had, " The Sight." I also have migraines. I don't speak often about them.

The same happens to me and it's really scary as I am only 12 and I feel like I have so much wait on my shoulders and every time I have a dream I wake up worring that it will happen

It's a gift from God. You can help others with this gift. You're like an angel that's able to rescue or warn others.

I've been searching for most of my life for people who suffer with the same thing I do I had a dream about a van coming towards me and the next night I was hit by a drunk driver In a van, my first ever one was I was not walking but floating down the stairs and then it felt like I was falling a few days later my sister falls down the stairs then I have another one of me being dragged out of my bed and a sudden wave of fear came over me as much as I tried I couldn't look back to see who was dragging me I then woke up I. My parents room were they were both fast asleep

Hello, I have experienced something similar myself. At first it was very disconcerting, but now less so. I find that writing down your dreams and keeping a dream journal is helpful, especially if you can record the date of the dream or keep a blog that has a timestamp.
As to the why, my theory is that time is not exactly linear. In our waking, conscious state, we perceive time chronologically, but when sleeping, our subconscious does not recognize time in the same way. Think about how some actions in dreams happen almost instantly while others are prolonged. You could have a dream that seems to occur over a long period but really only a few minutes have passed. Time is irrelevant in the subconscious mind and therefore the future, present and past are jumbled.
Best regards.

I too had these dreams when was younger and up into my highschool years i told my boyfriend at the time and when i had the dream i told him what i saw in it. the dreams are pieced there was a coat someone was gonna be mad there was fur and something was damaged. A month or so later it happen and it finally came together and once i was standing there with a coat i borrowed and my boyfriend singed the fur on the hood trying to get the snow clumps out i looked at him and screamed this is it do you remember me telling you. I dont get them anymore i dont know why but i really wish i did! i dont know how to get it back.

This has happened to me a lot since i was a little girl, and i been recently going through it again. I rarely dream but when i do , it becomes reality and it hurts. Recently i dreamed of a woman ( as you said in the dreams i am the person I'm dreaming about) being murdered at my ex bosses house and their was blood everywhere and 5 other ppl had been killed, that week my friend michelle russell (who has been on the news last couple months ) was murdered in a motel and their were 5 other ppl in the room, after it happened two of the ppl ran to my bosses house talking bout they have never seen so much blood. a week later i had a dream i was at my apartment and my friend joel bravard(also on the news this past month and was at the motel when michelle, the love of his life was murdered) was surrounded by police trying to kill him he took off running from my apartment. Last month somebody that i thought was a friend brought him to my house, i remembered my dream so i left with him to get him home safely as i didn't want my dream to come true, i got him home safely but when right after i left SWAT surrounded me , one of the officers went up the street pulled his gun and shot him, he is now dead. i am 22yrs old and these dreams bother me because i can't ever figure out who my dream is about at first and later on i realize and i try to do something bout it I'm too late. I don't know what to do and feel like I'm crazy. And two weeks ago i had a dream about a lil girl and i don't know what to do or who she is, I've looked in news papers at missing person to see if i recognize a face but I've found nothing. I don't like this and i don't know whats wrong with me but its a horrible feeling to have these dreams that are so vivid but unclear and trying to piece it together and stopping it before it happens only to end up a deadly result.I feel insane!

Yes I had this also around your age also. My dreams did not break until the next day. I thought everybody done this and it was perfectly normal until I turned to my then best mate and surprised she didn't get this. She started freaking out at me calling me a weirdo. I then realised it was just me. Since then it stopped but at 47 now occasionally get this still but not to the extent I used to. I personally wish I had never asked my mate that question at school all those many years ago. Just googles this again as it's just happened again.

Whether you believe in spirits or not they are there because we all have a spirit or "soul" when we are alive or past. It's like an engine in a car, without an engine a car is just a big heap of metal and without a spirit a physical body is a big heap of flesh. From a science perspective, we are made of cells and our cells are made of molecules, molecules are made of atoms, atoms are made of quarks, and quarks is a fancy word for energy. All energy is transferred, it can NEVER BE CREATED NOR DESTROYED. ALL energy is transferred through wavelengths Essentially we are nothing but big balls of energy. In the physical form (human body) we have enough energy to be seen and felt to everyone because we are giving off enough energy. When the physical body is gone then we lose the energy to be seen and felt by everyone. The only energy left is what people refer to as our "soul", which is another word for "person without enough energy to make a physical form". Our dreams and insights come from a hypersensitivity to the wavelengths of the energies around us from this dimension and other dimensions (11dimensions total....look up "String Theory" to explain this).

I teach physics to students EVERDAY and also have the same abilities as you described. I have spent a ton of time exploring this subject from every angle. What I have found is that you have to embrace it to deal with it. My friends and family know that if I call them about a dream I had, they need to take it seriously because it will come true. Writing them down also helps, but worrying about evens you can not control only creates stress for yourself and that is detrimental to your health. You have to find an outlet like telling your dreams to those involved or writing thm down to get them off your mind. Maybe something else works for you, but you have to figure that out. Good luck to you!

I think the best thing for you is to stop denying or fighting your ability. I say this with the deepest respect. It's hard to face for some, as it was for me. But once you do you will be able to tell the difference. Good luck.

I had a dream about a week after I met my best friend tenth grade year. In my dream he came Into my house with a ba<x>seball bat and killed me and my family, I even told him about this. Two years later I have a home Invasion where he robs my house and beats my parents almost to death with a ba<x>seball bat. It's weird how I saw something two years In advance. I have even had dreams of my sister and her boy friend dying In a car crash. I hope that doesn't come true.

yea when I have bad dreams I prey they dont come true.. most times they don't but sometimes them do.

My mom has these kinds of dreams. I'm deeply sorry for your losses. My mom recently had a dream that someone in our family was going to be shot and she told me to stay home the whole day since i'm the most naive...well I stayed home and got a call later and it was my gramp and I felt it in my stomach something was wrong and my younger brother had took my gramps 22 pistol and shot himself in the head. I hate it I feel horribly guilty.

That's sad. I would never ever want to lose my brother or child like that. It's not your fault though. I think that sometimes our conscious knows things before we realize it.

I have also dreams of people dying i dream my stephmom died 3times and yesterday morning halfpast 3 my stephdad phoned me and told me she past away i was very sad and crying