My Future??

Im scared of my dreams. So now i block them wake myself when it feels too real. I would dream of the direction my relationship was going and how ny bf would cheat on me and would leave me pregnant then run off to another country where i would neglect my son. Then there was anyone another man in the picture that (marine)falls in love with me who i did not know at the time. Then it ends with me watching them kill my bf. Then me hugging my sick son on a bed crying and feeling lonely. Now little by little someparts have came true. Ive gone out of the country spontaneously and both my bf and i were wearing the exact clothing i had dreamt about so i had to leave that place asap bc i was scared. Later in life a new neighbor moved in and he plans on joining the marines this year and hes the exact face i dreamt about. And lastly im pregnant now. This might not be exactly how idreamt it but so many thingz are falling into place.
mylifewalex mylifewalex
Sep 8, 2012