I had a dream about being in darkness, and the most beautiful comforting eyes of a woman came towards me and asked me if i loved her.
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Just curious did it come true :)

Im not too sure, it was after making a choice to do some spiritual grounding for myself, i was suffering from severe depression, and i wanted some balance in my life. The dream happened a day or two later, i woke up after the question, and responded "Yes" and kept trying to go back to the dream, and i had it several times that night, each time something was shown to me, for instance.. the was a Film playing in fast forward and i could see all these different people, i dont know what it was about. I dont know about it coming true, but i do know that my conscience, the voice in my head became more predominant (Amplified) in my head. Its like i hear her almost as my own thoughts and sometimes, a narrator, or being supportive. Like a Wife or something, and shes always there.

wow perhaps she is trying to help you?

I understand it sounds crazy, but its true. Thank you for asking =)

Also i know, that it could all just be in my head and i AM crazy, but not in bad way, I kind of like it, i dont feel so alone

oh I dont think it sounds crazy, I was curious :)

now that i think about it, a woman did sort of ask in a way and i did confess my feelings to her recently.. publicly so to speak

I was too mainly i wanted to know if it ever happened to anyone else =) I tried searching meaning of dreams and stuff like that, but nothing could really come close or compare to it

well perhaps from this story you will find someone with the same experience.

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