I Wouldn't Believe Me

I have had " prophetic dreams" all my life. The first time (and more times then I can count since then) was when I was 7. Well I should say I dreamed about something at the age of six and a couple of months later after I turned 7 it happened. It's always pretty mundane. That first time, I dreamed I was on a school bus and missed my stop because I was daydreaming out the window staring at the trees. I got let off around the block. When I dreamed this we lived in the city and a couple of weeks later moved to the country. A little after my seventh birthday the dream happened exactly.

That was just the first time I remember it happening. It is always just like a snapshot. A couple of seconds or minutes and not really event based. It is different than dreaming. Always very real and not at all fuzzy or abstract. there is always LOTS of detail but always in a very short period of time. like a clip of video. It is always eerie when it comes true and i can tell when it "happens" even if i forgot the actual dreaming of it but I take it as an affirmation that I am where I'm supposed to be.

I'm entering a period of my life where I want to learn more about this and why it happens to me(part of my Saturn return maybe?)
Devinefancy Devinefancy
26-30, F
Nov 26, 2012