I Wish I Had Explenations.

All my dreams seem to have some kind of reason of happening.  Like memories that seem to be from my past, but are things that I dont't remember at all.  Some are just about everyday things that weeks later will actually happen.  Then there are some that I have that looks as if it's way later in my life.  I recently had a dream that I was seeing through my eyes.  I was sitting across a table, in a place I had never been before, from a guy who had shortish black/brown hair, with tatoos.  We were talking but I couldn't here what he was saying clearly.  It seemed like we were in some bar/restraunt.  Infront of me was a beer.  It had a Mexican name in script across the label, it was in a green bottle.  Also on the bottle was a lady dressed in red along with a red rose.  I remeber I tilted it so I could see the label then I lifted it to my mouth and drank some.  That's where I woke up.  What's really strange about it is when I woke up I could taste the beer in my mouth.  I never remmeber ever drinking or even seeing that beer ever in real life... I'm supper freaked it means something, and I wish it could be explained.

AliVutton AliVutton
1 Response Jul 30, 2008

I know I'm a little late :P, but, speaking from experience, I do believe this dream is precognitive and simply showed details of a scene in your future life that you will recognize when it happens. :)