My Freinds Laughed

.My boyfreind and I bought a small cottage15 years ago our plans were to build a new house beside it. It was during the summer. I had lost my mom to cancer the summer before. The routine was my two boys went to visit for 1 month every summer. We were just beginning to excavate and the boys really wanted to go visit there cousins. I phoned dad and asked him how everything was he said the family was upset with him and they don,t speek to him. Of coarse I asked why. he replied by saying I met someone from my pass It was his first girlfreind.The family thought he didn,t wait long enough before moms I asked him if he would come visit for two weeks and take my two nephews then take the boys back with him for the rest of the vacation. A few days later there was lots going on in the yard with the bach hoe and stuff. I went into the camper to get it ready for dad and the boys.I layed down one bed I wasn,t sleeping but suddenly my throat felt weird I couldn,t breath.My brain was saying why can,t I breath.I felt this tickle of warmth go down through me like warm pee I guess. Then all around me felt cold like the coldest air contioning and white fog was brain is still saying why can,t I breath. THen two hands one on each shoulder touched me and someone said don,t be afraid I,m here for you and then it was over evrything was gone it was hot again the air was clear. I was getting up to go tell my boyfreind what had just happened to me. no sooner did I get up on my feet I fell back to the bed again and i was laying there I said to myself I don.t feel to good then it started I began to feel pain everywhere all over my body the pain was so bad I was kickin the wall beside me.I can,t even tell you how much pain my body was feeling and then I heard two voices one said you have to come with me the other voice said I can,t go I feel so ashamed I cant I can,t leave.the other voice said again you have to come now everything will be o.k.all I could feel was pain and so much saddness and then it was gone the pain was goneI layed there for a bit trying to understand what just happened but inside the trailer was hot and so i got up and went inside the house to see my boyfreind and he wasn,t there.I phoned my neighbors he was there and I went over to visit. my two boys were hangin with there kids in the living room. I proceeded to tell my freinds and boyfreind what had happened. not the kids though. They began to laugh as I was telling them they were saying I was just raped or probed by an alian still laughing iwasnt able to tell them everything or I wasn,t able to remember some parts because of the jokin they were doing and after a bit It just sounded to weird for me to talk about it. So my dad and nephews arrived the next week had a great time with them and then it was time for dad to leave with the my boys and nephews. that night my dad phones around eleven he said he was at a motel and the boys were just going in to pay for the room and he said don,t worry baby I will take care of your boysand the phone call ended. It was six in the mournin and a knock on the door we were up watchin t.v. I openend the door there were two policemen standing there my stomach was sick they went on to say my dad and son were killed in a car accident at 4 in the mournin Dad decided not to get the room and kept drivin on fell asleep behind the wheel drove off a cliff and crashed. The doctors said my son died with no pain he died instantly because the valves were ripped from his heart and even if there was a doctor there when it happened he still would have died. My dad lived for afew minutes because my nephew told me but everything was busted in him. What I felt and heard weeks before was now real.
fletcherlake fletcherlake
46-50, F
Jan 14, 2013