Getting Tired???

Dreams coming true are starting to irritate me .....
when you see stuff before they actually happen and can't do anything about it , it sucks a lot . Can't use it to save people. What to do I can't control it ! The de ja vu part comes to me when its in the moment . It just hits ur mind like a needle been pushed through ur head and then u see it happen ...............
Anybody got any ideas.
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I am also often irritated by my prophetic dreams. Especially the ones where something happens that you can't change and you find yourself wondering if it was your job to stop it somehow, even though such responsibility is ridiculous. Maybe it is our brains way of preparing us to deal with the bad thing that is about to happen, so it's less of a shock?

Your description is perfect. They are indeed hurtful and often feel like sadistic jokes. I have had a number of experiences like yours. I believe such dreams are generated in the lower sphere of the collective psyche.