Dreams - Prophetic Or Subconscious?

Sometimes, there are dreams that are part of your mind's plans and you cause them to happen.  I think it's a subconscious thing.  But one flaw in that idea is generally that some details you've dreamed just kind of happen exactly the way you've seen it without your prodding.

I've had dreams that seemed prophetic, then I've forgotten them until months later when the real events unfold exactly has the dream as foretold.  Clairvoyance? Part of the stream of foretelling? Or simply messages you left behind for yourself from another world or from before birth?  Something that tells you that you're on the right path of where you planned to go before or are meant to go.  Foretelling other people's tragedies or wonders seems to be landmarks for your own life as you approach the unfolding and pass by.

My sister has those dreams that are warnings, foretellings, or even good news before those things actually happen.  She has probed them and harnessed that ability to where she can see things a bit more clearly.  She can control her own dreams to where she can contact spirits who enter those dreams.

Since having more dreams recently that came true, I've decided to pay much closer attention to my dreaming activities and see what I can harness of my own abilities.  Not all of my dreams come true, but a lot of the dreams that don't come true are dreams that are messages somehow.  Not exactly foretelling, predicting dreams, but dreams that send messages about or for the present and past lives.  Those messages usually do end up being part of later dreams that do come true.

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4 Responses May 31, 2009

I love it. I feel that way too. I'm all on my own with it though. I have a grandmother whose christian and it gets so old sometimes. I guess I'm more open minded than she is but I go to her when my dreams overwhelm me.

Same here! Since I was a teen I have had dreams, of no actual significance that I can see, usually about situations or conversations with people I know, and about a week later happen exactly as I dreamt it. I could literally tell the person what they were going to say next word for word, but I am always so in awe that I can't say anything. I have always believed and had a strong fascination with all things metaphysical, and "psychic". My mother has had the same experiences, as well as my great grandmother. I would love one day to be able to control it.

I have them too. Just little clips that seem to mean nothing. I have dreamed about people that I had not met and then later we meet and I remember i saw them in a dream. WEIRD

i do understand great to hear you are acknowledging this