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My Strange Dreams

I mostly dream about things that happen the next day. It doesn't have to be in the same place (it is not always clear) but it is the same people and the same events. When i was young the dreams came true the following week or even month, but it comes true everyday for about 2 years now. Also sometimes i feel when things are about to happen or what will people say when they are with me. I thought it was normal until i told my cousin (same age) about it a few months ago she didn't believe me and was scared to talk to me about it again. It sometimes scares me and makes me cry that these dreams come true and nobody will believe me.

wolf1 wolf1 18-21, F 58 Responses Sep 6, 2009

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I have experienced the same thing it started when I was 15 I had been in an abusive relationship for a year an a half with the guy an I would dream of such evil things like a person or a shadow in the corner flicking a lighter in the corner pitch black an I woke my boyfriend up in my dream an he looks over where I couldn't see only a lighter flicking an screams an flinched up like he seen a demonic spirit. It freaked me out I woke up an went back to sleep an had another dream after I could see me an my boyfriend laying in bed exactly how we were an my grandpa that had passed away a good Christian man was standing over top of me pointing to the door tell me "get out" an that's all he said. That dream made me think my grandpa or God was trying to warn me of how evil this man was. But really what I Sony understand is I'd have dreams of meN my boyfriend I was with breaking up an every time I dreamed it the same week in the exact way I dreamed it it happened just like that. This last time I am pregnant with his baby an he left an went straight back to his ex an two days before he dumped me I had a dream that I was trying to get a hold of him an he was with some other girl an told me he was leaving me an the girl turned out to be the girl from my dream an in my dream I knew I was going to be a single mom so in my dream I decided to move to Ohio with my grandmother I haven't seen sense my grandpa passed away an now as I type this that's how my life is I am in Ohio with my grandma. /: is thatweird or am I just crazy?

This totally happens to me all the time. When I was younger it was like everyday or so which I started having these dreams since i was about 3 years old. Now that i got older i have them like twice a month. and it is wierd I am happy to see other people have this. I remember when i was 7 and me and my family were packing our bags to go on vacation and my mom found 100 dollars behind her tv and she was happy, and then i was still dreaming about that.Finally/ I wake up to seeing THE EXACT SAME THING happen. I told my mom that i just dreamt about that and see said ok.I think this is a gift for god and when we all die we will have a special job for god.

Eh normal

same exact thing happens to me. It started in 05-06 and its still happening. I'll dream about something happening or going somewhere, etc, and when I wake up the next day, that same exact scenario I dreamt about comes true. In every detail. Its crazy, but amazing!

I am only 12 but I have these, they are not often though

I can't believe I finally found someone like you. I didn't want to believe I was the only one. The dreams coming true happens to me too. But I can't tell anyone. Not because I'm scared to tell them. But because I don't know how to explain it.

How can you control this gift or channel it?

okay look it is scary because the same type of thing happens to me its weird i've been trying to figure out why and everything, but my dreams are like visions or something of an event that may happen in a couple days, week's, months or sometimes even years. when the event actually happens it's like deja vu and, so i've started to write down every dream i can remember. it's really starting to freak me out this has been happening to me since i was really young im now 17yrs old

I do the same thing it's easier to keep track of everything.

I am scared to sleep.
I try staying up all the time because I'm scared of what may happen next. If I tell anyone they won't talk to me they think I'm nuts but idk what I'm supposed to do.

I was like that for a while. I would take sleeping pills so I wouldn't dream... I gave that up and decided that it was weak. I was given this ability then it's mine to control. I've been working with my dreams for over a year now and I now have control over them!

My dreams come true too like every other month.
I had a dream this guy with red eyes took my mom away from me, she left all her kids and my dad for another guy. I had a dream of my ex with a rope in his hand and the guy who took my mom had his hands around his neck. I didn't think nothing of it till his grandmother called me telling me he hung himself. I also had a dream my ex was cheating and the guy that was in my other dreams was standing next to me. Then the day before yesterday I had a dream my maintenance man tried raping me. Today I was supposed to let him in to fix some things in the apartment before I left for Florida and I told my dad about the dream and he believed me so he told me to go to work with him.

wolfi, this same thing happens to me. I am serious and its hard for people to believe me unless i tell them the dream before it happens. but sometimes its only one particular thing object or person, its hard to believe and harder to explain but since this same thing happens to you i think it will be easier for you to understand what i am saying. this started happening to me when i was young. the most recent thing was i had a dream that somone handed me a present. it was an odd present it was a white plastic binder with clear cassette tapes attached to it. the cassette tapes were i guess a part of this binder but they were actual cassette tapes. i remember in the dream thinking i could use them, and then whoever the person was said to me they do not come out they are attached, the next day i went to an appointment for my son, there was a lady being taken care of in front of me with a folder with all cassette tapes on them. I had never saw a folder like that in my life i didnt even know what the dream meant but when i saw that in person i got chills looking at it. such an odd thing i dont even know what it means. I am NOT making this up

dont worry ,i have weird dreams a lot and some of them come true
like the one time when i was ten i had a dream about waking up in a hospital bed with they blue paper they use during surgery ,a couple days latter i got in an accident and i went to the hospital and they gave me some of those drugs that make you sleep through the hole thing, well while they were sewing me up i woke up during it and i saw the same thing that happend in my dream a couple days before the accident :P weird

I feel for you because my dreams com true the next day also. My family is afraid of me because of this, however I have saved both my wife's and and my sons lives because of my dreams. I save my sons life twice.

i hear you, i never tell anyone but my mother but she just says good good, like what is that suppose to mean, once when i was in class i had a flash back and my teacher was going around asking children questions and before she could even ask me i answered and she was surprised, i have the same pain as you, but think of it in a different way. Normal kids can't do anything but we can predict our future, how cool is that ? plus this is a bunch of people who say they have the same problem so your not alone.

I do the exact same! When I'm in the middle of a conversation with someone I know what they're about to say and the lyrics to a song I've never heard before. I also dream what will happen the next day. I haven't really told anyone apart from my dad, he didn't really say anything apart from nodding, but I thought it was just normal..but I don't know to be honest! At least we're not on our own! ;D

I believe you! I have had dreams where I see things, and those things I see in the dreams are the actual things in reality. I saw a certain person house in a dream. Shortly after I saw this person house, and it was the same house from the dream. Even the car in the yard was in the same place as the dream. I had another dream where I was driving someone's car, and come to find out they have this exact same car. Once I dreamed my kitchen floor was flooded, and I woke up the next morning to just that "a flooded kitchen floor". <br />
<br />
I know these dreams mean something, so I am a firm believer in dreams. There is a song that says "Dare To Dream". No matter what Dare To Dream. The bible speak on dreams and visions. That is what your dreams are visions. If you know what you see in your dreams come true, let this give you faith that your dreams are visionary. Hold to this faith and your visionary discernment will become very powerful.

dis also hapens 2 me !!! dis is d same feeln i gt scared 2 tel it 2 ma frnds coz dey might thnk dat im jst fooling around or jst makn up storied !!! bt i gt such dreams nt often like u !!!

OMG I GET THIS TOO :D no one i know believes me except for my friend who linked it with blak magic (i don't believe it is though) I've had it since i was like 9/8 I think? Well anyway, i've read ALL the comments and it's reasurring to know that i'm not the only one :) Thank You people!

for me its the same...its not dreams, its sort of an illusion, a feeling that I get about what is going to happen, it doesn't come in for minor details but I come to know of the big incidents...i know people are scared to talk about it, but I totally understand your feelings and I believe only the one who has experienced such a thing can actually understand it.

I do believe you because this same thing happens to me, and I thought I was alone in my belief, and that people think I am the crazy one!! I think it is a gift from my maker, to help me one day in my time of need......

I have dreams about big things and little things that will happen around the next six months or something like that. i choose to ignore it and carry on but i dreamt of something bad that will happen to me( this was around 4 years ago) and it happened so everytime something bad happens i tend to change the situation far so good.

I completely believe you 100%, I've had dreams that have come true the very next day. My mother and sister have the same thing happen to them too. And I also have those odd feelings that something bad is about to happen as well, and they do happen. Same way with my mom. So your not the only one out there, I have had this happening to me for a few years now.

i kno wat yall mean. i have the same dreams. like i have a dream one night, then the next day most of it comes true. it is usually the same place, the same people around, but not teh same person doing the main thing.

Thank you all for your comments :). I think we should all just ignore these dreams if effects us negatively. Or just appreciate that we are one of the few who are warned of the next day's events and maybe enjoy it. Meditation and praying will defiantly help us deal with it and other people who don't believe us.

there no way you could have changed it or even tried to change the event

I know you all will have forgotten about this thread but this happens to me... I'll predict my own and sometimes even dream through someone elses eyes so I never know who the misfortune will happen to... I have crazy dreams a lot and people have offered me help but no one understands... I just put them off but I have premonitiond... Like before my mother died for the whole year I couldnt keep scenarios of her dying out of my head.. I thought it was just how much I cared for her but now she's gone as my dreams pick up loose ands and predict more horrible things which I fight to keep from coming true

Sometimes I'm too afraid to go to bed in fear of these dreams. I don't know why. Every night I have dreams, mostly just pictures but sometimes a story. They are always either about an observance I make or decision. When it's the decision, I usually choose opposite to what I choose in the dream because I already know the outcome of the other decision. And then it came to me. Ever since I was little I always wondered, "What if I had picked the other one?" So now my question is answered. Isn't that strange?

do u think it was qudincese or what u have

i dont know if i have what u had but when i was 11 i started geting these drems and some were around a mounth they would happen i wouldent rember intill then but im 13 ive had 3 when those dont happen it would be dark nothing i hate it and i just go to bed nothing was thare as i said i dont know if i have what u have but its creepey no one belives me my sis thinks im crazy and shes younger

i juat started geting them 10 or11 i had 4 so i serched i dont know if its like that or not but my lates one i paid more attention every detail happend the next day sometims i have dreams others its black its cind of scary i dont know if its that or not but its creep im only in grade no one belivs me