Okay, That's Weird! What Do I Do With That?

This has happened since I can remember. I thought it was kind of cool when I was small but I never thought of telling anyone. No one would believe me for one thing and for another it was always simple, mundane things that I would dream about and would happen the next day or soon after. As a teenager I read dozens of books about dream interpretation, etc. From what I read, I learned to keep a dream journal. That helped me to remember my dreams so well that I could recall, at least partially, up to eight dreams a night! My dreams became more and more bizarre but nothing prophetic came through during this time of writing my dreams down. (Or so I thought! HA!) I started having more lucid dreaming than anything. In the morning I was tired and felt like I had not rested well. So I stopped writing the dreams down.

My sister is into Reiki and crystal healing. She goes to study groups about meditation and has done a lot of research on the spirit. She bought me a past life reading for Christmas and she visited this past weekend and listened to the tape about my past life. After listening to it I asked her what she though. She said, “Well, I have a lot of questions for you! Have you had psychic experiences? What is that about?” So I told her about the dreams but explained that it made no sense. They were mundane and useless. She said that we do not receive anything that is useless. She said that perhaps I am given a little bit of information to see if I notice and what I do with it. She said that if I prayed about it and took it seriously I may get the useful information that I was looking for. She suggested meditation (which I suck at, BTW) and searching for a teacher that is experienced in prophetic dreams. So, I am going to try to meditate for about 10 minutes a day. That’s all I have the patience for. I’m not sure where or how to find this teacher but she said to pray about that too so I am. I may even reconsider a dream journal again. She says that people spend years studying and praying to get what I was born with and that I should take it seriously and try to develop and understand it. That would be nice. I mean, why would this happen so blatantly for no reason? That doesn’t make any sense! It’s frustrated me forever! If I could makes sense of it, which would be awesome!

I have a few other small psychic abilities. They occur few and far between. For example, I knew when my sister was pregnant before she did. I knew it was a boy. She didn’t believe she was even pregnant at that time because she had taken precautions to prevent that. (My nephew is almost 10.) Also, I know when someone I know is going to die. The problem is I never know who it is going to be! You can imagine how much that sucks! I also know the gender of a baby before they can get it confirmed with an ultrasound. There have been times that I didn’t know. I just said, “I have no idea. I get nothing!” Or I know for sure. There is no, “Maybe it’s a girl?” I either know or I don’t. I have never been wrong when I just knew.

I always thought of this as a partial ability. I never thought of it as something that I could develop into something more accurate. So what the hell do you do with this?

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Ohhh im the same. My dreams have always fresked me out. People put it down to de-ja-vu! I know when people are about to die. But not who....i just think 'someones dying tonight' its not nice. I also have an uncanny ability to predict the sex of a baby. For example I told my mate she would have at least 4 girls before she had a boy... She is on her fourth girl! I just thought it was all a coincidence as that is whati have always been told! lol

Exactly! The first handful of times I must have thought it was just by chance but after several times, there must be something to it. The church my parents were into when I was kid taught that any kind of fourtune telling or that sort of thing was witch craft or devilish. So yeah, it freaked me out. Now I just feel frustrated because I don't know why or what I'm 'spose to do with it. lol