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Hey, I Just Dreamt of That!

My story may be a bit lame. Whenever I dream of future events, they are never events directly affecting me or anyone I know. So around 15 years ago I dreamt that I was in a boat with some friends and some guy in another boat dumped a cylindrical container over his boat into the water. I somehow knew that he illegally dumped some kind of toxic waste. I then noticed get this...a floating glass Coast Guard office in the water not too far away. I said "Hey guys, we should drive over there and report that guy." The perpetrator then sped off in his boat and the Coast Guard went after him. OK, then I woke up, went out to the living room and flipped on the news. The very first story I saw was that some guy was arrested for dumping toxic waste into a lake and there it was...the exact same container I had just dreamed of. Right down to the last detail. Sorry, no glass CG office though, lol.

knockitoff knockitoff 46-50, F 1 Response Jun 22, 2009

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This kind of dream is extremely interesting, and happens very often. Just the other day I read about a woman who dreamt she was bitten by a dog in the face, arm, and leg, and soon after she woke up she saw on TV that it had just happened to a little girl, who had been bitten exactly in the same places.