My dreams come true sometimes. I've had this happen to me many times. I had a dream that I was in science class, sitting at a big black table and I had 2 papers in front of me. 1 paper had a bunch of letters in front of me, and the other was a lab paper with a picture of a mouse and cheese on it. I was sitting across from a really small girl, and a pretty blond sat to my right, and across from the blond was a guy with short brown hair. In the dream I said something funny (don't remember what) and the entire class laughed, and I was surprised because I thought only my table could hear. Then about 2 years later, in 9th grade, all of those details hit me in real life. The big black table, the 2 papers, 1 with a bunch of letters, and 1 with a picture of a mouse and cheese. The short girl in front of me, the pretty blond to my right, the guy with brown hair in front of her. Even the joke I told that I thought only my table could hear, but got the whole class to laugh. But the freaky part is, I didn't meet the blond to my right and the brown haired guy across from her until 9th grade. How could I have dreamt them 2 years before I had even met them?
Trock50 Trock50
18-21, M
Aug 27, 2014