The World Was Ending

I was with my familia at my houes i actually had my own houes in my dream( funny) But i was just coming back from shopping with my mom.We went to the kicthen and put our bags down on the counter. My grandmother was there atomaticlly and we started a conversation all 3 of us then she was gone and me and my mom were still talking and some other family was in the living room. Sence im the only one in the familia that pays attention to little detail I looked out side because i felt like something told me to i looked out side and saw 3 types of objects going around in circles. I told my mom whats it was and to just stare at it.Then 4 or 5 moons started coming close to the earth and going around in cricles also. I got scared because Ive never seen such a thing happen.It was happening quickly also, Then they were coming closer and closer. All that was running though my head was that the world is ending and that i wanted my friends to be here with me and the people i truly love to be with me. I lived to far and my mom was using the phone calling her boyfriend about what is happening and if he could see it so i couldnt tell them to come to my houes. I needed them there I felt empty inside.Then we(me and my mom) stared outside from the kitchen and saw a plant that looked like ours i said to her the world is ending mami its over se qavo. She looked at me and said nothing we looked back the other plant was coming towards us really fast colser and colser, it was HUGE! It look just like ours and i told my mom what plante is that she said earth.O_O i looked at her like she was crazy and said no this is earth mami. She said back no thats the earth we are really suppose to be in i was confeoused about what she said and i saw the US and the coulds on the plant.

Then I woke up it was about 3 or 3:15. Having the world end is the biggest fear for me. All i want is it to not end so early like i hear. I saw in some reasreach its going to end when i graduate from high school.Thats not pretty fare im not going to live my life all through. I stayed up for a bit with my eyes closed shivering because how scared i am about the dream. I felt like if some one was beind me looking at me laying on my bed i was getting nerves. When my back gets weak theres something getting close or something behind me. So i told my self its just my mind playing tricks on me. I opend my eyes and turned around slowly and there was nothing there. I wouldnt DARE look out side from the dream i had. I started praying where i was and started acting like if i was thinking to god and i saw these numbers that repersented a year in my mind. Those numbers were the ones that i chosed for the world to be over and all night i was thinking about that dream that only took like 2 hours to put togther but it felt so damn real.

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it ends by fire

my dream of the world ending was similar to being on a earth like place