Tidal Wave...

I had a very vivid dream Sunday night. It was October 31, 2010 on Halloween...And everything was normal. I was with the kids and family and went to a haunted house. When the night was over...there was a nation wide broadcast. There was a tidal wave that was affecting the whole world...which is odd, especially since there is no ocean or body of water too close to us.  We were told to dress as warmly as we possibly could and still be able to try to swim. I remember seeing my dad and my grandma...I was hugging them and crying in terror..I knew it was the last time I would see them again. There were Emergency helicopters on top of a high mountain with hospitals and they were tying ropes and throwing them down the mountain for us to hang on to. I knew we were all going to die. I think pregnant women have strange dreams...all the time?  I was terrified and worried that I should warn people about Halloween this year...but decided I might sound like a nut. So I am at least sharing it on here.

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the world isnt ending by water this time but fire

My friends have seen this type of scenario too... We have used visioning and other spiritual techniques to go further into it, and it has been revealed to us to expect a MAJOR shakeup for Earth Planet in April 2012. EVERYONE upon Earth at this time is known by the EarthMother (the Being in charge of Earth's and humanity's welfare) and plans are in place to save as many as possible. Even if your physical body dies (as many will) YOU will be looked after as the Real You transitions to a higher-dimensional world for a time. Have no fear! Best wishes!

Dreams can only be interpreted by men of God as it was Daniel that told king Nebuchadnezzar of the meaning of his dream. Daniel 2:37<br />
<br />
However what I can say without question is there are some very strong facts within your dream that will soon become a most certain occurrence in several ways. For one thing, people are going to think everything is normal; then without warning there will be some kind of perhaps man made catastrophe; and when that happens marshal law will be imposed and the usa borders will be closed down for no more departures. There are over a million foreign troops now in America. There are also millions of plastic coffins and also concentration camps all over the USA. There is religious deception in all the false churches, corrupt governments full of lies, and in pure truth that few believe and no one wants to hear. . . .God wrote of all this breaking news thousands of years ago. I am writing a ten part series that you can read the first 2 parts of in my site. I am not out to scare people, just offer truth to the few with the minds to believe God over man. Most can't handle the truth of reality until its to late. Lamentations 2:21 Psalms 91 is but one of many examples of how God will show a special favor to all who come to Him and not the wolves in sheep clothing all over the world as the blind leading the blind into the ditches of death.