Rather Not Dream At All

I want to be important and worthy of your time. You'll never read this, and I understand why. The one thing I've truly wanted will never happen. Can't you just love me? I mean, unconditionally love me for me. Don't ask me to be more than this. I can't be. I'll never mean enough for you to stop treating me life this. I know this, but have yet to accept it. If I do, it would be so much easier to move on. To let it go and let life be what it's going to be. I can't be trapped in this circle anymore. I need to let it all go. I dream that this weight on my shoulders will be lifted away. To breathe freely once again. I want to be so much more. Dreaming isn't for the weak. If it were, I wouldn't be hurting so much.
WorkItMami WorkItMami
22-25, F
Jan 8, 2013