Tired Of Making The Effort

Been realizing that all my relationships with friends and even family are all my effort and very little effort from the other person. Deleted my Facebook account, and have stopped all emailing and calling with everybody for the last few days. Only person that has cared enough to call is my own father (whom I speak with everyday). Really goes to show me how important I am even to the rest of my family. But now that I know the truth it will make it easier to say NO when they need someone (which eventually they will and that's when they will call) and I won't feel bad about it. No to hanging out, No to loaning money, No to helping you out, just NO NO NO. And when they ask what's up I will tell them. And I will also say if they want to have any hope of making the relationship better then they best get to making more effort otherwise SNIP you are officially cut off.

The only people I will give some of a better deal with is my family because sadly I still have to deal with them no matter what though they will be hearing about how they have to shape up with their effort put into the relationship otherwise we are going to be having some uncomfortable family holidays with me either not showing up at all or showing up with an attitude.

I know this means I might have to make new friends but I am just fine with that. I rather have one or two truly good and dependable friends than lots of stupid people that only call when they are bored and want to go out or need something else from you.

And deleting the Facebook and all the other social media accounts (aside from this account!) has been VERY freeing!
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3 Responses Jul 6, 2010

Well one day you'll find someone who's different, just gotta be patient.

that's exactly how I FEEL! Yes, I understand everyone has priorities, I have them myself, but you are so busy you can't text, send an email etc? I don't feel like I am asking for the world, just a quick message or call or SOME kind of communication every now and then (not everyday).

I feel ya there. I haven't deleted my facebook just cause I have alot of friends who live far away that I can only message through there... but the friends that I am able to see, especially my best friend, I have just decided not to chase anymore. I want to see if they want me in their life, so far not even my best friend has said anything to me for the past 2 weeks... apparently her excuses are that she works, babysits, cleans her room, has a boyfriend, and likes to hang with friends. It's nice to know that folding clothes takes up so much of her time that she cant txt a simple message.