One Of Many


I went out to dinner/drinks with a girl I used to be BFFs with since elementary school. Now she has a kid and a 34(!)-year old boyfriend. She’s become a family woman! We were talking about the last time we went out and had a crazy night a couple of years ago. We went to this gnarly dive bar whose bartender was in love with her and would buy us drinks. We went out one Saturday night back in 2011(?!) and got plastered and ended up meeting these groce old dudes (as in, they were in their 30s and we were just newly adults…ew!). We danced with them and we went back to the one dude’s house. She filled in my memory where the blanks were. I guess her car got a flat tire (why the **** was she even driving???) and that is the last thing I remember before passing out on the dude’s couch. Next thing I recall, she is telling me to wake up and yelling “Cabs are heeyah!” in her worst Jersey accent. She told me that one dude was messing around with me when I was passed out on the goddamned couch! WTF! I guess he gave her his phone number, and since we hardly ever hung out since then, he had texted her for my number for a month or two after that night…. And sent her **** PICS! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GROCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh. Not my proudest moment.

Anyways, she used to be my best friend. She was the tomboy and I was the “girly girl” type. She’d come over to my house EVERY DAY after school for several years. At the time, her dad was an even worse alcoholic than either my dad or my stepdad. And her mom was in and out of jail on drug possession. We talked about how we’d cruise the mall ALL THE TIME after school, and one day, we decided we wanted to be twins at school, so we bought matching dark blue Billabong shirts from PacSun and did our hair the same way. Good times.

On a side note, don’t get tipsy and mention you don’t like kids and don’t want to have any of your own to a friend with kids. It is terribly awkward when you talk to them again…

I got angry drunk tonight. When I got home, I was shouting a series of expletives for everything that wasn’t going my way. Then I felt really sad and took some sleeping pills. I just need to sleep…
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Apr 17, 2013