I don't purposefully do this, however, people drain me. I'm also a very private person. Since I have joined my new line of work, I have learned that networking is how to get ahead. When I finally began to "network", it only lead to lust. Underneath the friendly face is always a guy with underlying intentions. I have no desire to exchange my body in an effort to receive tips of future success and how to establish it.
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Now that your out of school you're seeing how real life works.

Yes, and what upsets me the most is my mother did not prepare me or talk to me about any of it. I have been learning the hard way for a long time. I feel as if I am losing myself in all of this

Huh. Parents frequently leave out teaching key skills.

My lack was the: "Mom, what is this whole Credit Score thing they keep talking about and why is mine below 400?! Have I made a serious mistake here? What have you left out?"

Interesting take on "losing yourself."

I actually ended up going to a financial brief. I was seventeen at the time, on my own. When they spoke of credit score, finances, saving, buying cars, it was literally like "I ate from the tree of knowledge, and my eyes were opened"...

On another note, within our lives, they say "when you know better, you do better, live and learn, blah blah". However, no one has ever mentioned the human needs that were neglected while growing up will play a significant role in your life. There will be a void, and subconsciously you will will develop certain habits to handle it. In all actuality because a person does not actually know there is a problem, habitual habits are just a mask. Then one day, the epiphany comes. You question yourself, you question how did you end up in the certain position, you try to understand it all, but it's hard to put a finger on the missing link. The final question is will that individual ask or seek help.. (To make it even worse, not everyone experiences the epiphany before it's too late)

Very eloquent. And entirely true in my experience.

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