Not So Much Bestfriends Anymore Then?

Last year, I didn't know my best friend. I was completely knew, thanks to my 312 mile move from where I used to live! I instantly made friends with this unusual girl. She had brown hair, with bright red highlights in, and hardly smiled. I got put into partners with her for Biology. We had to measure trees or something stupid. So we just talked. She immediately picked up on my 'weird' but 'humorous' accent (which doesn't sound as posh as it used to thanks to my awesome friends help!) And she smiled. I thought that was a big break through. By the looks of things, everyone around me seemed surprised.

So I just continued, told a couple of my bad jokes (like you do) and threw berries at people in the class, who I knew I didn't like, just by looking at them, and hearing their snobby voices (also like you do.....) We became friends. In a years time, we shared secrets everyday, and couldn't be separated..

And then I made the biggest mistake of my life, so far. My ex-best friend, is also friends with this other girl. Who I don't happen to like much, but put up with her if I can. She found out my secret. My biggest ever secret, which I can't write on here. I automatically assumed my best friend had told her.

I went onto MSN, and said the cruelest things. I told her I hated her, that I wished she was dead etc... I was so angry I didn't even believe her when she told me she wouldn't tell a soul- but I already thought she had. I even went as far to say I wanted to kill her- which I didn't. I just wanted her to realize how much this meant to me, and how much she had hurt me by telling.

A month later, after ignoring each other immensely, I told her how I knew it was her- the other girl. My ex-best friend, questioned the other girl, before finding out the truth that the other girl had been playing a horrible joke, and had just made it up. She apologized to me, but I still blame her for everything. To this very day, we have never been as close. We talk and joke, but its not the same. I told her I wanted to kill her. How does a person forgive that? I know I wouldn't. Then again- if my best friend hadn't't of meant it and been as sorry as I was, I would have made the exception just for her.

But because of that other girl (who hadn't liked me in the first place[jealousy because she is no longer tallest in the class because of me and hadn't been my ex-best friends actual best friend anymore]  but she has been trying to make up for it ever since...) we've never been as close. I hate it, but I guess it was good for me. As much as I loved my old friend, whenever I was around her I got teased by her friends (who do like me, but are the type of people who don't care if someone is around or not) which lowered my self esteem. And I made knew friends who love me for exactly who I am, and care if somethings wrong, and who make you feel better when you're not feeling too great.

Its a lesson I will never forget.

DanielxKatie DanielxKatie
13-15, F
Mar 8, 2009