In My Car Or On My Motorcycle

I have been driving home from work with my pants down for quite a while. I always slow down when passing trucks and high profile vehicles to give them a chance to see what I've got going on. Sometimes while on long trips, I will ***** completely, and I get a real thrill passing trucks. I also ride my motorcycle with my **** hanging out of my zipper. I know it has been seen by many, and I really like when cars try to keep up with me to catch a glimps. If I know someone's looking, I will sit up straight and let it stick out, and maybe give it a tug so they can see it all. Just thinking about it is exciting. I can't wait for the ride home.
Ridesfast Ridesfast
41-45, M
1 Response May 16, 2012

Good man! Doing a public pubic service.