A Nude Drive

i have been wanting to take a long drive nude for quite a while. ysterday i had the day off so i thoght to myself, roadtrip *****. so i got up early put on a pair of heels, my drivers license and a credit card and went to my car. i was risking it all by not bringing any cover with me but hey i ate in a fast food place naked and i went shoe shopping naked so this should be nothing. i stopped to get gas and filled the tank and then i just drove. no destination in mind just driving around and enjoying naked time. i kept within the speed limit to avoid being pulled over. in the end i stopped at a nude beach about 4 towns over and spent the rest of the day there. by the time i got home it was late in the afternoon and i had driven for over 5 hours naked without incident well except for the next gas station in th middle of the afternoon i thouht several people were going to call the cops on me so i left in a hurry. but it was an enjoyable day, i plan on doing it again very soon
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1 Response May 24, 2012

Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience!! You are very lucky to have this experience!! I bet it felt wonderful to be naked and no chance of having clothes for the entire day!
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