There actually was a news article about these towns , i felt bad for the families and i believe someone said  the paper was sued ." Fertile woman dies near Climax "... I wouldn't want to live in either town

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For anyone interested in how Minnesota towns and villages were named, I would strongly suggest, "Minnesota Place Names," by Warren Upham. It is available in public libraries, as well as an internet website!

Yes, and also in Southwestern Minnesota is a town called Manley, which is not far from Fertile, Iowa. I have heard about newspaper items from the old days entitled; "Fertile Man Weds Manley Woman," and "Manley Man Marries Fertile Woman." Supposedly true!

Oh my !!!


We have some funky ones here too and a few that I can't pronounce. <br />
<br />
Silly ones include... <br />
Two Egg, FL<br />
Frostproof, FL (it's not)<br />
<br />
Of course then we have Chattahoochee, Kissimmee, Apalachicola, Zephyrhills, Homosassa and my personal fav... Withlacoochee (a river/park)