Not All Addicts Head To The Streets......

Im almost 30 years old..... I managed through all my teen years to avoid drug addiction, though many close friends were not so fortunate or did not make such good choices.
NOW, as a wife and mother of two, I find myself with a monster addiction...... METHADONE.
It is being given to me for pain. I have trigeminal neuralgia.
Its not really working for the pain..... but I dont want to tell my doctor that even though I know I have to, and the pain is so bad............ WHY? because ive tried to stop them, wean off, slowly, or quickly, its always the same result. The withdrawals make me want to die. Its like having the worst flu in the world, and then, there is the mental addiction. The way the medicine makes me feel, and then how bad I feel when I dont have it. Its bad enough, I dont want to be in my own body.....

Anyone know of anything as or more effective than methadone for pain that would curb the symptoms of withdrawals should I slowly start replacing them with an alternative???
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i dont have the answer but i hope you feel better im here if you ever want to talk sabout it

Botox injections seem to help with the TN pain with some people. Being a non-narcotic this may be a great option for you. I personally don't suffer with TN but I see it every day with my boyfriend. Addiction is tough especially when you add in an awful illness like TN so work on getting your pain under control with non narcotics, acuptuncture etc and then work on the rest. My friend once asked me "how do you eat and elephant" the answer "one bite at a time"

Also, I have to say, there is no option of TAKE NOTHING...... Trigeminal Neuralgia is one of the most painful diseases in the world.....<br />
But, if this med isnt working as it should.... why am I taking it..... I need advice.