My Day.

Up early,7.59, quick **** and put the computer on to warm up whilst making a coffee.
8.00 local shop opens, I open my curtain and there is the owner opening the front door, I struggle to get dressed and then I'm off, the welcome beep of the computer fades in my ears as i lock the front door and approach the lift.
Ground floor!
I dash across the road and into the shop,
"Half ounce and a packet of papers, please"
God the times I've said that in the past 40 years!!!!!!
Back to the flat, discard the wrapper in the lift, into the flat, jacket off, flop on the sofa and roll up.
Few deep draws and everything is o.k.
Yes I must be a nicotine addict.
been smoking for 40 years and have tried everything out on the market to stop smoking,
I won't bore you with the ones that didn't work, just the one thing that was a success.
The e cigarette. I bought some of the crap ones off the internet, did some more research and finally splashed out on an ego-c.
Within three days I was doing without cigs, but I will admit it now the bloody e cig was never out of my mouth, and because the cig has to be held, there's no way you can keep one of those things in your mouth.Like a bloody dummy, I spent all day and night sucking on this thing---more research, found a good supply of Nicotine juice, made my own mix and satisfied one hungry Nicotine addiction.
i actually quit smoking for three months. (giving up the joints was murder!)
And that is how I got to where I am now, baccy is for joints, so I smoke it when I'm in the mood.

derekdob derekdob
56-60, M
Nov 29, 2012