My Eyes Dried Up, But Restasis Saved Me!

I have worn contacts since I was 13 years old, now I am 24.  I can't see without contacts or glasses, so I would wear my contacts from the minute I woke up until right before bed.  All of the sudden come my 22nd birthday and my eyes dried up.  Wearing contacts started to irritate my eyes, they would get bloodshot and be sensitive to light.   I went to the optometrist numerous times and they found nothing physically wrong with them (no diseases, pink eye, etc.)  It just felt like there was always something in the corner of my eye.   I ended up with little scratches on my eye from wearing contacts when they were so dried out.  I started wearing only glasses and putting in rewetting drops every couple hrs.  I work on the computer so that didn't help either.  It was so bad that even when I yawned my eyes wouldn't tear up (which is a normal reaction).  I thought I was hopeless and was always going to be in discomfort.

Finally I found an ophthalmologist who did a tear test on me to measure my tear production.  He said I had extremely dry eyes from minimal natural tear production.  Sometimes it just happens to ppl and is referred to as "chronic dry eye".   He put me on Restasis which is a new medication specifically for dry eyes. (2 drops a day in each eye)  It took about 2 months to fully kick in, but once it did, what a difference.  I could make tears just by blinking, I didn't even need the rewetting drops anymore!  I still wear glasses a majority of the time since I work on the computer but if I want to wear contacts I can (I just use rewetting drops a couple times depending how long I have them in) and I no longer have any irritation.

I suggest for anyone who can relate to the discomfort of dry eyes to see an ophthalmologist, believe they are well aware of chronic dry eye, and will be able to help you.  Every contact company out there is trying to develop the perfect contact that can survive comfortably in the driest of eyes.

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I am 18 years old ur story similar to my story completely, but I'm still I suffer from dry eye and afraid to use restasis I want your advice? Do you stopped using currently restasis? Do you have improved your eyes 100/100? Have you ever met any side effects during use restasis?

Thanks a lot for sharing this story!!!