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hi i have an 8 yr old daughter with duane syndrome... i noticed something was wrong b4 she was a yr old... when she was little i would pretty much teach her that kids r mean n they would pick on her cuz of her eye so we made it a joke so she wouldnt b self conscious bout it... she does great with it n its a part of who she is... anyway i recently had a baby boy 7 weeks ago n im noticing that he also has the eye problem (just the opposite eye than his big sister) now my question is what r the odds of having 2 children with duane syndrome??
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Hi, 5% of people with Duane's syndrome also have another member of family with it as well. Yeah, it is rare but it is possible. A few days ago I was in an eye hospital to see if they can do anything to help my headaches and neck aches because of my Duane's and they say that its a recessive gene, so that means the likely hood of it happening is quite low, but not impossible. As for people who say things to your daughter, just tell her that she has the most amazing party trick of all time because only about 500,000 people world-wide can do it :)

Just on a personal note, yes it is possible for siblings to have ds. I have DS in my left eye and my brother has it in both eyes. However we're both adults now, carry out normal every day life tasks, including driving and half the time I actually forget that I have Ds as it doesn't effect life in any way, as you learn to live with it.

thank u for the article anything helps :)

I looked it up, and this article says 90% of the time it is not due to genes. This may help you a little http://www.aapos.org/terms/conditions/46

I don't think the odds are very likely. I myself have it, but none of my siblings or parents do. I can't think of anyone out of all of my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, second cousins, etc. that had or has it. Most of the time though, it is not a problem anyway. I've had it my whole life, and I've found that people actually think it's really cool. Also, people usually will ajust something for you if you explain to them why you can't do this or that. Hope this helped!