Duane's Syndrome As A Result Of Prematurity

My three year old son has Duane's Syndrome - type 1, in his right eye (which I understand is slightly unusual - usually it's the left eye).

He was a premature baby, and also was growth-restricted, which means he wasn't growing properly in the womb. He was only 3 pounds at birth.

So far we seem to be managing OK. Apart from the inability of his right eye to move to the right, he has otherwise really good eyesight. As he has grown older he is able to control his eyes better, and I was hoping that he'd be able to get through life without people noticing too much. However, the staff at his childcare picked it up and asked me about it - so perhaps he's going to have to explain it to people throughout his life.
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1 Response Nov 9, 2013

I'm 15 with the same type of Duane's syndrome, except in my left eye. I am managing my life great. I'm driving and I am in all higher level classes and playing sports successfully. I do have a stable, minimal head turn that most people don't even notice. The whole explaining thing is just a simple, "no I don't have a lazy eye, I have Duane's Syndrome." It's not to bad, he will learn to cope as I have. I actually like to have a little fun with my eye by crossing the one while the other doesn't move. It tends to freak my friends out, and then they try to do it. Hope this helps to ease your conscience a little bit.