Sick Of Misinformed Or Uninformed Doctors!

Okay so I need to vent a little bit. 2 weeks ago to see a neurologist. I waited 2 months for this appointment. I got there and signed in and everything and sat down. Well the lobby was 69 degrees so I was freezing even though I had a jacket. I was also running fever (as I often do). Okay so I know doctor's waiting rooms are cold. It wouldn't have been a big deal except I had to wait there for over 2 appt was at 8:30. My mom (cuz she still likes to think I'm 12. lol) went to the front desk and asked when I would be called back to a room and they told her I was already in a room. What?!?! I've been waiting 2 hours because you can't do your job correctly? I wanted to just leave right there because I had been shivering and crying in the waiting room for 2 hours (I cry when I run fever. idk why. always have).

So they call me back next. I get in the room and the nurse and I start going over my medical records (I had a 2 subject notebook at least). Well after about 20 minutes of that, she leaves and tells me the doc will be in in just a minute.

We waited a half hour before I fell asleep. Next thing I know, I am being woken up by the doctor. lol. What can I say? I was so sleepy from my body fighting the cold and fever. Anyway, he starts to look over my chart and starts talking about how he thinks I don't have POTS because I have never gotten a tb test done before. After he was done with his little rant, I asked him if we were talking about the same thing. Apparently the nurse wrote down potts instead of pots (even though I said the long version for the nurse). He didn’t have the slightest idea what POTS was but pretended like he did. I had to spell it out for him. Umm….really? That was a huge sign that he should not treat me.

Well we talked about my history and specifically about my dizzy spells. He came to the conclusion that I have narcolepsy. No sir I do not. He wants to order a sleep study, eeg, and mri my brain. By the time we left, it was 12:30. 4 hours!!!

The nurse called my mom a couple of days later to set up my appointment. I’m 22. Why are you calling my mother? She asked them if they knew how old I was and they said oh yeah I’m looking at that right now I didn’t realize she was an adult. Talking to my mother about my medical issues is a HUGE violation of my HIPPA rights. That bugged me.

They then called my cell and left a message for me to call them back. I called back and the lady was very rude. I explained to her that I didn’t know who had left the message (couldn’t understand when she said her name) and the lady told me that they usually leave detailed messages with my appointment dates on it. Okay lady, I have told you 3 times now that they did not tell me who, what, when, or where I was to take my tests. She still argued with me. She then said someone else handles that and asked if I would like to hold. I said okay. Well 10 minutes later no one had answered so I got fed up (also had an aerobics class I was late for) and hung up. They never called me back. They have since called my mom several times looking for me. My mom’s number is nowhere near my phone number on the paperwork.

I am so fed up with these “specialists” not being able to treat me because they have no idea what they’re talking about. They always try to diagnose me with something else and it ends up costing me money for no answers at all. I will not go back to this doctor. I have been trying to get someone local to treat me because the nearest Dysautonomia specialist is 7 hours away.

Time for me to quit playing around with clueless doctors and get to a doctor that can actually help me. Anyway this has been weighing on my mind and I would love to file a complaint on the 2 nurses I dealt with but due to brain fog, I haven’t the slightest clue as to what their names were. Grr. I just want to get my medical records from him and then review his office online. People need to know what kind of disorganization they are dealing with. Sigh, time to find another doctor (I’ve had 23 throughout my life). Just another day in the life of a Dysautonomic. J Trying to stay positive.
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Thanx so much for the insight ...Im just beginning my journey and I do know it isnt going to be easy. Hang in there maybe you can educate the medical society in your area and help improve the treatment of others!! May God Bless & keep you Dizzy. Sending you positive thoughts & prayers :)