From Healthy To Dysautonomia In One Moment.

I'm 15 and my Dysautonomia started 2 years ago in the middle of the year,I went to gym and afterwards I noticed I had some really bad chest pain.I had lunch next so I just waited to see if it would work out but eventually about 30 minutes after finishing Gym I went to the nurse and found out my heart was at 180.My mom was immediately called and I was very close to going to the ER.It took 20 minutes for my heart rate to go down and it wasn't back to a normal level for at least an hour.My family has a history of heart issues(not this early thought) and so I went to all the doctors as soon as was possible.They found I had low blood pressure,Bradycardia(low heart rate) as my normal resting heart rate(It stays around high 50s and 60s,and with Postural Orothostatic tachycardia syndrome.For months I had chest pain every day,I have fainted and nearly fainted many times,and until I added more salt and water into my diet(to raise blood pressure) I was horrible.I havent been in gym since then and I even have to get a elevator pass to get up stairs in my school.No one understands what I have(but my mom) and most of the time I look fine so they think I am fine but Im not.I hope that trying to understand what I can do for it here and elsewhere I can be healthier and focus on the future more rather than the present.
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You have to let them know what we call it. You have an invisible illness. You may look fine, but I bet they wouldn't want to live a day in your shoes. I go through the same thing. I hate not being able to participate in gym and sports. But I'm slowly finding my way to cope and find the support I need. Never give up!