Dysgraphia And Teachers

I have had dysgraphia all my life. My mother noticed it because she and my grandmother have it as well. As long as I can remember I have been pulled out of class for motor skill physical therapy. When I got to highschool I began to have problems with teachers not beliving that it is real. I had one in particular who to my face said " I think your lying and you could do better you just refuse to apply yourself". I also have ADD and it amazes me that it gets recognized, but the one that is more serious and i cant take medication for is not.
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4 Responses Jul 26, 2010

That happened to me in high school. One teacher told me "I don't think you need accommodations, you're just taking advantage of the system so you can avoid hard work, and that's just lazy!"

Do u have to notify your school that you are dysgraphic

No law or rule says you have to, but it helps if they know, especially these days where anything written can more easily be typed.

how do you tell a teacher you have dysgraphia? one that probably doesn't know what that is. i'm a very shy person

I haven't had a teacher since my diagnosis so i really don't know. But in the past when I've had to explain something to someone like this I've found it helps to print off a bunch of info about it from medical sites and then to give the person you're telling those papers. Seems to help me anyway

I'm sorry you've had your illness questioned, it only shows the ignorance of the teacher!

Teachers seem to be awfully ignorant and stubbron don't you think?