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My Journey With Dyslexia So Far...

Hi my name is Taylor, im 17, i live in tulsa oklahoma, and im going to be a jr. In high school this year. I have always hated school for as long as i could remember. whenever teachers would ask me to read I would refuse and in ninth grade I had a teacher that made me read out loud to the class I ran out of the class room crying because I didn't even know every other word. teachers never would help me and I never understood why other kids understood things so easily and I didn't. now I only have 2 years left in high school and I can barely read or write. I rely on an app on my phone that I speak into that writes what I say. I'm terrified for school to start on august 20th. I have no money for a private tutor and i dont know what else to do. please help me I don't be stupid forever.
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I have been where you are ... you are not stupid :) You have not been taught by someone who understands your learning style. I was diagnosed with dyslexia in the 1970s before anybody had even heard of it. I tried to explain it to people, but they kept asking me if that meant I was "retarded" so I gave up telling anyone about it. I still deal with dyslexia every day, but I have learned ways to work with it, and you will too. You are not stupid, you are exactly the way that God made you.

I think Pink said it well ....

Your not stupid. Dyslexia, doesn't mean a person is stupid, but you just don't see letters and number like other people. The school should be able to get you a teacher who can work with you one on one. Public schools sucks and really great people are getting left out because of public schools. I know what it's like to not want to read out loud. I had private tutors when I was in grade school to help me out. Some how you need find some body that can help you....your future depends on you can get a good job someday.