Dyslexia and Me.


Is this me, I see, a shadow of who I want to be; Holding back my true self: with insecurity and fear.

Change is the hardest thing-

Breaking through the barriers of disbelief.

Challenge every thought, every step with your determination-

Never let it go!

realising that this is part of me but never let it show.


j38pit j38pit
2 Responses Jul 21, 2009

That is how i feel

Mine was hidden as in wasn't diognosed until a couple of months ago and I'm 20 >.< I can just remember how hard it was through school and not knowing why I wanted to cry when I couldn't make sense of something. I gotta say, since the initial shock of oh my god I DO have it (I was adiment I didn't lol), the support that is on offer defiantly makes it easier to get by rather than keeping it hidden