Ear Infections

I get alot of ear infections like at leased one every 2 weeks. my docter told me that people with dyslexia can be pron to getting alot of ear infections. i was just wondering if any one else gets this many and how to deal with it. Im tired of taking anitbotics all the time, it cant be healthy. 

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Antibiotics, if taken often, can lead to an immunity to their effectiveness. So you are probably right to be concerned. <br />
When my daughters were young, they would get earaches from time to time. If the doctor prescribed an antibiotic for an infection, he instructed that I should use every last drop of the medicine, even if they looked and felt well. Usually it was a period of two weeks that they had to take it. After that, they wouldn't have another ear infection for the rest of the winter. <br />
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It's interesting that dyslexia is associated with earaches. I never realized that before. We learn something new every day.

wish everything will be ok on you! god bless you