I Have 2 Types Of Dyslexia...

Yep I do. I didn't even know it was possible, but it is. when i was about 4 I showed obvious signs, but I didn't get diagnosed until I was 8. I was diagnosed with the most severe type of dyslexia. I see letters backwards ( use to right them backwards until I was about 11), looks like a letter is missing or an extra one is in the word, I flip numbers around ( like 52 '25', or write/see them backwards as a young child ), I have trouble telling left from right, and I have bad aim in my left hand. When I was 17 I had to take that stupid test again because I was told my reading was too advanced to have dyslexia. Well guess what, I over came some of my dyslexia and it broke down into 2 different types instead of one big severe one. My IQ is 96 and I also have a very mild case of ADD. I still have some trouble, so if any one has any questions or needs help I'm here for you. =)

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Wow 2 typs thought it was one thing I was in speshel Ed all throw school I need to fix it .. I hate reading the price worng to customers & they look at me like I'm retarded or something as they correct me .. & righting letters backwards I double check things I do and still take some one to show me be for I see what I saw or wrote was mest up :( really what can I do to help this I was reading about vision dyslexia and corective glasses but does that Really help is it eyes or bran that not working right ??????????????

my parents dont think i have dyslexia because i read a lot but i am positive i do. i have taken several online test and have come out positive in all of them. my parents wont let me talk to a pro about it though, one because my mom is a pro and she says im wrong and two they think i want attention ( which i feel like mentioning, i do have asperger disease ) but this is totally legit. what should i do?!

devloping against issues is learning basicly so I would say its not impossible to over come in a way because you well eventually work everything about, people figure out tricks an ways to process everything they have to so well do us but we are seen as taken a different path.