I use to be so ashamed about this about me. Now a days I realize how creative and strong my brain is. I have seen my learning disability in a whole new light!
I think about the fact I now teach, I am a leader I am creative and I communicate my thoughts and feelings in beautiful meaningful ways.
If I could go talk to 10 year old me I would tell her to embrace it and challenge yourself daily to be better and greater than everyone you meet cause there is nothing you can not do! Cause yes everyone is a duck around you but you are the swam that can talk and act like a duck when you have to and no one else is a swan!

( I went to a conference when I was younger they used the analogy that people who are Dyslexic are like swans in a classroom full of ducks; the quack similar to ducks but are speaking and learning their own language. The great thing and challenge was they had to think harder and process faster because people are asking them to speak duck not swan. My family loved this that when I hit bumps in the road my Dad would tell me not to beat myself up cause I was swan in a duck world)
Starbuck82 Starbuck82
31-35, F
Aug 21, 2015